March 29: Some Resolutions

Thanks to The Offside Rules, I know I have big plans for March 29 – or, as many of you know it, the opening day of the 2008 Major League Soccer season. That site flagged Fox Soccer Channel’s decision to air a first-ever double-header, five solid hours of soccer goodness. The games on offer aren’t half-bad – Houston v. New England and LA v. Colorado – but with the yen built up over the winter off-season at its highest pitch, I expect I’d watch MLS players do calisthenics in tighty-whiteys by then.

Still, this is clearly something special. And, to celebrate the event, I (tentatively) resolve to do the following:

– Spend that extra $5 to buy a brand of whiskey that doesn’t erode the lining of my stomach as it destroys my liver.

– Throw a shitload of meat into a crockpot – along with some kind of liquid, obviously – and eat that with a loaf of bread. Some kind of dip is in order as well, I’m thinking something shocking orange and spicy.

– Build a fort in front of the television out of blankets and couch cushions. I will not be disturbed.

– Physically detain any family members who so much as think about changing the channel through the entire five-hour period. If they have any idea what is good for them, they’ll simply leave the house for the day…and only return the following day some time after noon. Between the whiskey and the planned culinary delicacy, some time will be required to revert to human form.

2 Responses

  1. It sounds like my Sunday’s when I watch GOLTV all day long.

    BTW you should make some Chicken Wing Dip. That’s good stuff.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I’m always looking for new culinary adventures.

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