Rumor: Rapids Making Play for Pat Noonan…and my affection

On his Red Card blog, Luis Arroyave tucked in a – what? rumor? report? not sure what to call it – about the New England Revolution’s Pat Noonan joining the Colorado Rapids…which, as we all know, isn’t Europe.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Anyway, that comes at the bottom of a post about Matt Pickens spurning the Chicago Fire’s advances (or, y’know, money; po-tay-to, po-tah-to).

In all honesty, getting Noonan on the Rapids would up my affection for a team I basically like.  I like the “quirk” in Noonan’s game and figure he’d bring one thing to the Rapids that team has really lacked – e.g. creativity.  Who knows?  Rapids fans could spend 2008 watching him ping those weird glancing headers off Terry Cooke crosses.  Not a bad way to spend a summer, assuming this pans out.

I know I’m pulling for it…along with Noonan’s continued health, of course.  Kinda sucks for New England, though…and Taylor Twellman.

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