A Trade that MUST Happen…plus a round-up of some others…

MLSRumors, god bless ’em – and do note the title, people – posted the coolest damn rumor today about a delicious mega-deal in the works between DC United and the Colorado Rapids. Here are the details and, so far as I’ve seen, they’re posted only on MLSRumors:

“The buzz now is that there may be a trade involving Christian Gomez and the Rapids’s Terry Cooke, Pablo Maestroeni or another player.”

Please, god, let this happen. With Cooke, DC fans would finally have the width they (or at least The DCenters) believe they need and, with Mastroeni, they should get valuable leadership and grit (and, yeah, the occasional unhinged, ejectable attack on an opposition player). For the Rapids, bringing Gomez to Colorado provides hope, if only of the slimmest kind, that fans at The Dick will witness something remotely resembling attractive soccer; add Pat Noonan from New England, perhaps even Ecuador’s Agustin Delgado (for the record, Black Panther seems cool to this one), and things get a little less remote….until they all pick up injuries and take Fernando Clavijo’s job with them to rot on the physio’s table (along with what’s left of his self-respect and his hair).

Most important of all, god, this trade needs to happen because we’ll have no way of knowing what all this would look like if it doesn’t. And I really want to know. Just passing on a wish, sir. The seemingly imminent influx of South American players is nice and all (according to Goff, who cites “sources and reports”: Jose Carvallo, Gonzalo Martinez, Franco Niell, and, possibly, Gonzalo Peralta), but the “Gomez Deal” just seems that little bit more special.

Now, the rest of the trading business for the day…including some I’ve neglected to mention in the past:

– Celestine Babayaro looks set to join the Los Angeles Galaxy…if I could remember whether he’s a right or left-sided player, I could say something smart about how he’s a potentially great replacement for the New England-bound Chris Albright. He probably is anyway, unless reports of his career’s demise are more true than false. And someone remind me, how’s LA going to pay for all this?

– Long-time Chicago Fire defender Jim Curtin is headed to Chivas USA. I wish “Big Pasty” and his new club the best.

– This one happened a while back (I think) but Ian Joy is returning to the States to join Real Salt Lake (that’s a good report on the player, by the way). I fully support players moving for their wives and family. It takes a damned tough and gutsy woman to marry a pro athlete.

– Finally, Argentine midfielder Marcelo Gallardo looks reasonably excited about coming to the States where he’ll join either DC United or Red Bull New York. Not to choose sides, but I’m pulling for New York…and it’s only the “local press” pointing to DC, anyway. Again, the more interesting all the teams are, the better our lives will be this spring, summer, and fall.

I don’t know a lot, but I know one thing: this torrent of trade news/rumors, this makes the off-season worth it.

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