Give ‘Em Hell, Andrea!

I don’t often do simple plugs, but Andrea Canales penned a good post over on Sideline Views, ripping into the Los Angeles Galaxy management, along Major League Soccer (MLS) in general, for being psychotically close-to-the-vest in their dealings with the media. Worse, league management, in collusion with players’ agents, get players to go along.

Good for her. One can only hope the league, agents, etc. realize this is a friggin’ game we’re talking about as opposed to state secrets. Yeah, there’s money involved, but what’s the harm of fans knowing this or that player might go abroad or that this or that player might come to play? It generates this thing called excitement, ya silly shits, typically a good thing when you’re trying to pique and, god forbid, maintain interest.

Andrea doesn’t touch on this but it’s a related issue. Who’s the frickin’ twit who thought it best for players to talk like lobotomized robots? Think of your friends: do you associate with fucking stiffs or do you do your damnedest to find interesting people? Relating to players as normal human beings, as opposed to, say, “on-field product,” deepens the emotional bond between fan and player. Again, this is a good thing.

As always, the larger the entity, the more you can rely on them to take aim at their own feet and start shooting…


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