MLS Supplemental Draft Coming….Shhh…

It seems Major League Soccer (MLS) views Thursday’s Supplemental Draft as some kind of malformed, chickenhead-eating geek, some horrific half-man they keep under lock and key in the basement. At least that’s the impression one gets from’s front page (or even news page) radio silence on the event. Don’t know how a body is supposed to whoop up a little excitement absent hype.

Thankfully, 3rd Degree’s Buzz Carrick continues to labor heroically and thanklessly to keep all of us news-starved amateur hacks typing. On that site one can find the order in which teams make selections in the supplemental draft (scroll down; it’s there) as well as a list of his Top 10 players who slipped between the SuperDraft cracks…quite possibly to join that geek in the basement.

UPDATE: The fact that this post picked up more hits than most things I post several times over, that tells me two things: 1) if there’s a “pulse” for MLS news, my finger is nowhere near it; 2) MLS’s media arm suffers from the same shortcoming, because all those hits tell me there was genuine interest in the supplemental draft.

With that in mind, here’s a link to which team picked which players in the 2008 MLS Supplemental Draft.  If I knew much about any of the players named, I’d tell all y’all about it.  But, like most of you, I’m just going to have watch some games and learn what I can about them.


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  1. What is wrong with the MLS. They in their past have been trying to sell the American Dream of Soccer. What is more like the American Dream for soccer than the Sup. Draft? It gives the over looked college athlete a chance to get into the pros and make a career out of nothing. I don’t understand why they choose to be so hush hush about things that could brings such positive attention to their league.

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