Trades: Forward Crisis in Houston? Gallardo Goes…Where? Who Is Ivan Trujillo?

It’s not so much the trades I’m reading about today that interest me, and not all are – how do you say? – consummated, as the fallout they’re producing. Here’s a quick tour, starting with the outgoing and confirmed.

Joseph Ngwenya to SK Austria. Sounds nice for the player, but what’s it do to the Dynamo? Consider this snippet:

“Ngwenya leaves a deep hole in the Dynamo’s offense as he was Brian Ching’s attacking partner. His departure comes at a time midseason acquisition and fellow forward Nate Jaqua (six goals, two assists) is also seeking employment in Austria.”

“A third forward, Paul Dalglish, was released at year’s end.”

And that leaves…leaves…leaves…who? Bernando Fallas answers on Soccer y Futbol, and fairly credibly from a straight-up personnel point of view. There’s also a hint of reinforcements on the way at the bottom of the piece, as well as Jaqua’s luck with testing foreign waters to consider. But you have to wonder about things like depth, fatigue, and reworking the on-field formula. I get what Fallas is saying, but have my doubts on the mechanics.

Elsewhere, the Columbus Dispatch’s Shawn Mitchell tops off his post on this move with a dollop of Schadenfreude.

– Where, oh where, will Marcelo Gallardo land? I can only say that DC United looks the likelier spot – and I’ll get to why below, with some help from others – in spite of the Red Bull Offside’s clear, video-reel-backed enthusiasm for his team as the destination; and, for the record, I recommend that video. So, why DC? As MLS Rumors points out, DC still has their designated player slot, while New York would have to trade for another. This also makes the Christian Gomez to the Colorado Rapids chatter add up a bit better.

What do DC fans think? Consider what they did the comments thread on Steve Goff’s Soccer Insider when he posted that the Franco Niell deal was done. Inquiring, and interested, minds clearly want to know.

– Lastly, who is Ivan Trujillo? I mean beyond being the latest signing at forward for the Kansas City Wizards? Typically, when I don’t know jack about a player, I try Wikipedia first – where, if nothing else, you can usually find most players’ previous clubs – followed by a search on Google. Well, the Wikipedia search yielded nothing immediately recognizable, while the top hits on the Google search went right back to MLS Rumors’ first write-up on Trujillo’s potential transfer to MLS.  And the copy on that might explain why it’s so hard to find dish on Trujillo:

“Reports out of Colombia club Deportivo Cali today state that Deportivo Cali striker, currently on loan to 2nd division side Equidad Club Deportivo is on his way to Kansas City on a loan deal.”

No, that’s not all that glamorous. But that doesn’t mean he won’t do fine for KC.

Things are hopping people. So long as you follow the rumors, there are no slow news days.

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