World: UEFA and FIFA Will Pay Clubs For International Duty

Any readers of this site know of my utter despise when players head off on international duty. Case and point: My beloved Sevilla currently without Kanouté, Kone and Keita while they toil it out at the African Cup of Nations in the hot sun.

However, today UEFA and FIFA have came to an agreement (of sorts) that gives teams compensation when their players are called off to international duty.

The agreement is for World Cup 2010 and the next two European Championships 2008 and 2012. The deal works out to around $252 Million Dollars.

UEFA will pay clubs €43.5 million or $63 million for the 2008 European Championship, and €55 million or $79 million for the 2012 tournament, according to the current terms of the deal.

The payments – which will only be for the finals and not qualifying matches – work out to about €4,000 or $5,775 each day per player for Euro 2008, and €5,000 or $7,220 for Euro 2012.

As mentioned, this does not cover qualifying matches, but is a step in the right direction for providing compensation to clubs when their players are gone.

It still does not address the issue of who is responsible if a player is injured while out on international duty. A little thing I like to call the Michael Owen clause.

UEFA and FIFA still need to come to an accord on what to do in those situations. As I’ve mentioned before I’d like to see an insurance fund set up to help clubs pay for players when they are injured on international duty. Players that represent their country should be covered by the team they are playing for, simply put.

At least UEFA and FIFA are on the right track so far.


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