Arrivals/Departures: DC Lands (some of) Their Fish

Welcome to today’s now-typical wrap up of trading/rumor action. For all the trades wrapped up, just as many seem up in the air. What the hell? Let’s start with the latter. No, wait. Can’t do that. Look at the title…another trap! And I set it for myself.

– Steve Goff posted something a bit ago about DC United wrapping the deal for Colombian defender Gonzalo Martinez; it also sounds like the deal to bring in Peruvian ‘ keeper Jose Carvallo should also wrap in time for him to start training with the rest of the guys. No word yet on Marcelo Gallardo…though MLS Rumors jumped ahead of the non-risking part of the soccer media world, declaring Gallardo to DC a “done deal.” We shall see…we shall see… (Against that and for the record, WVHooligan reads something in Goff’s copy that suggests to him that DC is out of the running…or, after re-reading his space, it’s more accurate to say he wrote “they may not be in the running”; subtle difference…my bad.)

What I do know is I’m a bit conflicted on this Gallardo-to-DC thing, assuming if pans out. Given how DC collects Supporters’ Shields, this one stinks of the rich getting richer (and dumbass clubs like New England approaching the season with their heads – I dunno – in the sand? Up their butts? Too intently craned toward their wallets? I think Jimmy Chowda of Blue Blooded Journo nicely sums up the emotions this provokes). At the same time, thanks to those Supporters’ Shields, DC rather often flies Major League Soccer’s (MLS) “freak-flag” in the international club tourneys, so, on the theory that MLS clubs doing well makes more players want to join MLS clubs, which allows MLS clubs to do well, which makes more players want to join MLS, um, etc., I can live with it.

Sometime around mid, mid-early March you’ll be reading posts from me about how we’re all DC United and Houston Dynamo fans today…Is it time for outgoing? Yeah. Why not?

– Eddie Johnson is off to join Team USA, er, England’s Fulham FC. Good luck, EJ. I hope you’re not nearly as frustrating for Cottager fans as you are for U.S. National Team fans. And I mean that with all sincerity and no malice. I don’t know whether Eddie is up for the challenge or not. I just hope he is.

– New England Revolution forward Pat Noonan goes to Norway? Son of a… And I’ve got a frickin’ year of watching the Colorado Rapids ahead? Get hopping, a-holes. Don’t make me – or, god forbid, real Rapids fans – watch crap for a second straight year. And I’ll once again turn to Blue Blooded Journo for an apt reaction/take to Noonan leaving New England – as well as acknowledging his place is where I first read about this.

– Speaking of Colorado, the talk about Pablo Mastroeni leaving his long-time club keeps gaining steam. Soccer by Ives kicked off today’s talk, and the Chivas USA Offside ran with it – though not all that far. The resident pundit there laid down his (wait! Alex is gender-neutral!) marker with this quality line:

“The team has been in search of a number 10, but this is more like taking a round peg and smashing it in a square hole.”

The other club named in Soccer by Ives’ report was New England…I’d love to know how Jimmy Chowda reacts to that one. And the way Ives pictures the Revs pulling this together says plenty about how much sense this makes for New England (you want to do what with Jeff Larentowicz?); the logic reads more silly than convoluted. Maybe that’s why Soccer Insider was able to eliminate New England as a possible destination later in the day. So…your ball, Chivas… can’t just leave it here…

Another strange wrinkle in Ives’ post – and one alluded to in the Chivas Offside post – is the idea that Chivas’ management will use Ante Razov as trade-bait for Mastroeni. The thinking there is that Alecko Eskandarian replaces Razov…which is like me replacing George Clooney in Ocean’s Eighteen…or whichever movie they’re on. Look at both players’ 2007 numbers (Eskandarian, who I like plenty, dang it; Razov): even taking into account the two teams involved that’s closer to apples-to-grapes, people. If I were Preki, I’d start finding a way to get my eyeballs in sync with Ante’s.

5 Responses

  1. ESPN Deportes has a story saying Gallardo is coming to DC:

    …but of course it isn’t “official” with the league yet.

    Google translation to English:

  2. As always,, the last place you want to go for news on MLS.

  3. Re: Noonan – Norge nyheter lankar från Aafk site. It’s official:

    Video of the coach discussing Noon på Norska (used to speak Swedish OK but that was years ago so I can’t tell you much other than he’s being coy at the beginning, says they signed Noonan on Monday, where he plays, etc.):

  4. It sounds like the ESPN Deportes article may be copy from the radio interview Goff quotes on his blog, so… take it for what it’s worth.

    Remember, Arash Markazi from SI “broke” the Veron to DC deal as done only for it to blow up in his face the next morning.

    Maybe the mass media outlets go 0-2, maybe 1-1. Ain’t the transfer season GRAND!

  5. Ah, the Veron deal….good times, good times…

    I’ll take it for whatever it is. Think of all the text this rumor has pumped into the ether. Yes, it is grand, the transfer season.

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