La Liga Para Todos: 6 Months In Jail, Real Madrid Wants You, Tamudo Out

—After a brew-ha-ha in the Deportivo camp, Uruguayan keeper Gustavo Adolfo Munúa was sentenced to 6 months in jail for what the the judge found to be an act of ‘agression’ and not the cause of a fight.

The fight was between Munúa and Dudu Aouate, the other keeper for Deportivo. According to what I can find, the two had a little mix up after Munúa was named the starter, and yadda yadda yadda Aouate was sent to the hospital with a nice shiner and in need of 8 stitches to close up his wound.

I can’t find a simple picture of the eye, but go here and scroll down till you see it. It’s pretty impressive. I guess fighting your own teammates is becoming ‘cool’ with the Arsenal ‘Royal Rumble’ yesterday.

—Rumors Rumors Rumors!!! Oh boy Cristiano Ronaldo is going to Madrid OMFG!!!1!!!!1!!


Oh wait, that’s…his…mom.

But really now, Real Madrid said they were going to sign anyone pretty much under the sun lately and haven’t signed a single person.

It’s obvious that Real Madrid are a big money team, and are always looking to go after big name talent. Instead of focusing on Ronaldo, they went after his Mom yesterday. And low and behold, on the cover of AS was Cristiano Ronaldo’s mom saying

Before I die, I want to see my son in Madrid’

Sure you do mom, sure you do. He’s set up with Manchester until 2012, but maybe in 2013 his mom will have her wish.

—Espanyol striker Raul Tamudo is out for 2 months after breaking his left arm.  He will have surgery this week and then recoup his injury on the sidelines.  As if Espanyol doesn’t have enough trouble with Kameni out for the ACON and De la Peña and Albert Riera both out with injuries.

—Real Zaragoza have a new coach already after the resignation of Ander Garitano 10 days into the job.   Javier Irureta was named the head coach until the end of the year.  Recreativo will need the guidance of Irureta to get out of a mid-table rut this season.


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