Bored or Just a Bastard?

It feels like a slow news day, so I may as well get something off my chest.

Since reading’s short, early primer for the February 6 game between U.S. and Mexico – a game I’m rather excited about, by the way – I have been hiding subversive feelings in the hopes that they would go away.  No longer:

I hope Mexico wins.  Really.  Would it kill us to have things switch up a little?

To expand on that a little, I think I’m just fed up with watching what looks a lot like the same game over and over and over and over: Mexico presses, presses, presses, the U.S. scores (jubilation!); Mexico chases, presses, presses, presses, the U.S. scores – again; the Mexicans dish a couple hard fouls, maybe pick up a card here, an ejection there, their coach and some proportion of their players bitch about how cravenly we played…the end.

Here’s something else deepening the ennui.  How many fucking friendlies do we have to play against the TriColores?  Yeah, they’re fun games, yeah, I’m looking forward to it…but, seriously, let’s mix it up.  Please?

Look, when qualification comes – or even a Gold Cup final – I’ll take as many 2-0 wins as we can crank out and paint my damn face.  But seeing as this is a friendly, let’s trot out the final experimental U.S. men’s roster of 2008 – e.g. let’s not bother with the Euro contingent – and let the chips fall where they fall.  A loss that reveals which of our bubble players are ready and which are not seems infinitely more valuable to me than another friggin’ 2-0 win earned by the usual suspects.


7 Responses

  1. Oh, on the contrary, I think the US and Mexico should play more frequent friendlies, and the US should always field a “B” team lineup. Follow my thinking on this: The fact that we know that an “A” lineup US team always beats Mexico, and always by the same, steady 2-0 margin, makes this an invaluable tool for comparing A team and B team players to one another. Too often, you see fringe national-teamers look good in a friendly and you aren’t sure if you can believe it because we discount the competition: “ahh, but it was only Belize, and they only played their domestic-based players, and even then only the ones who qualify as u-23’s, and the kid playing left back was an 11-year old terminal cancer patient who got in there because of a deal with the “make a wish” foundation….” The stability of our dominance over Mexico makes it a reliable yardstick: if a US team beats Mexico 2-0 and one player is primarily responsible for puting the knife in by, say, scoring both goals on breakaways and making Oswaldo Sanchez cry in the process, you pretty much know how he stacks up against Landon Donovan. If, however, that US team loses to Mexico, you know all those players should shipped to Guantanamo. (or Odd Greenland.)

  2. Thanks, jaimemoreno. I don’t think I got to the solution – which you highlighted – until the final paragraph, if not the final sentence. And I say that as I question the constancy of Mexico as a yard-stick. There are too many variables: e.g. Mexico’s form, a TriColores team sick-to-blind at losing the last gazillionth games, etc. But, fundamentally, I agree. Mexico provides a good test for our bubble players and they always seem game for setting one up and making a little money. So, why not?

    And, yeah, I’m fine with the U.S. losing, so long as we’re learning. Take any competitive game, though – ANY, mind – and I want the U.S. to win, no matter how we do it.

  3. Jeff, since I’ll be going to that game, I’ll try not to mention your little break-in-the-ranks post here to my friends in Sam’s Army. :>

    I agree with fielding a primarily-MLS side, similar to last year’s group that beat the Mexicans in Arizona. The reason why is I think the Euro-based players get plenty of meaningful games and are at midseason form. I still would like to see a few of those guys, especially Texan Clint Dempsey, but I also think we should play to win. Personally, I think an MLS-dominant side can beat Mexico, and will Feb. 6 (Or at least I hope so as this will be my first time to witness the US team with my own personal eyeballs). Fielding such a side is playing to win, especially here. If this were Azteca, maybe I’d change my tune, but there’s really only one way to find out, now isn’t there?

  4. don’t be a traitor. we all know that US vs Mexico is about more than just a game. hold it down.

  5. Mmm…good final word, Get Crunk. I’m trying…but…getting…sleepy…

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