Gomez to Colorado: “It’s Going to Happen” (and Houston gets a ‘keeper…)

Tucked in a bunch of other player movement items, Goff effectively buries the lead…at least so far as Colorado Rapids fans are concerned. Citing a “source with knowledge of a possible trade” Goff reports now-former DC United midfielder Christian Gomez’s move to the Colorado Rapids only waits on the blessing.

So, what will this do for Colorado? Well, here’s the team Gomez will join. Suppose the first question is, who’s he going to feed? Conor Casey and Herculez Gomez? Omar Cummings and Nico Hernandez? Some other permutation of those players? What happens to Jovan Kirovski, who has set up on the field where I’d expect the Rapids to use Gomez?

Waiting on the answer, at least through preseason, seems wiser right now than guessing. At the same time, Gomez’s arrival seems likely to kick one of last year’s regulars down to the bench, if not off the roster; Hernandez, who labored through 2007, seems a likely candidate.

Obviously, that’s a load of speculation. The one thing I know: things look like they’re getting interesting in Colorado…finally.

One last related point – and this one is for DC United fans. I’ve seen some fans/bloggers play out an upcoming game on one of the FIFA video game systems. Last night, my wife and I did a variation on that in a rummy (cards) game we call “Olkatana”…because we can’t remember whether Hoyle calls the game Oklahoma or Montana. I played as Marcelo Gallardo and she as Gomez. “Gallardo” started strong on the first hand before Gomez took over the game in a most relentless fashion; “lopsided” only begins to describe the final score. If you’re disposed to believe such things, that’s one grim omen for DC’s 2008.

– Elsewhere, the Houston Dynamo signed a backup ‘keeper this morning: Tony Caig. The noise you hear, which sounds like a gentle breeze blowing, is actually the tail-end of the sigh of relief issuing from Martek over on Nutmegged.

OK, one last order of business. I’ve mentioned finding/receiving weird/funny/gross crap on the Web. I’ve decided to just add it as a find it…like this “ode” to our first president George Washington. I’ve seen this enough times that I’ve almost committed it to memory and the bit with the bear still makes me laugh.


2 Responses

  1. Now if we can just get the freaking forward situation figured out, I can finally relax. That is until they lose a game of course! :>

  2. Hell, I thought Kinnear was moving “Rabbit Legs” Onstad to forward with Caig replacing him in the nets.

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