Johnston: Thought Today Was Canada’s April Fool’s Day For a Second

So, I check MLS Rumors, as I often do, and there’s this story about Toronto FC’s Mo Johnston resigning from head coaching duties.

Down at the bottom of the post, there’s a link saying “Here’s confirmation.” That takes me to another blog, one I don’t know at all. So, I consider for a second that there may be a Canadian version of April Fool’s Day and the possibility that day could be today…or whatever the hell day it is across the International Dateline (it’s up there somewhere, right?).

Just as I’m trying to remember that, I check Google News and there it is, in the National Post. That paper, I’ve heard of (though I cannot, in fact, vouch for its quality).

So, it looks like Mo Johnston did indeed resign his head coaching position. But, as the article puts it, he’s “moving upstairs” to a manager/director of soccer role…from which, I am confident, he will make bat-shit crazy trades on a daily basis.

Whoops…and some dude of which I’ve never heard, John Carver, will take over as coach.

BONUS MATERIALS: For those having trouble suppressing unwholesome urges, help is available – on ebay, if I’m not mistaken.

Also, I took this “Hell Test” yesterday – as in, are you going – and scored on the (very) high side of normal (92).  If my memory of some events were better, that might have inched higher…not much, mind, but a little.


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  1. Oh dear, I seem to have eclipsed you at a slightly worrying 110. Not that I mind the prospect of heat that much, particularly with this icy slush crap piling up outside my window.

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