Bum Sneaks into NE Revs Practice

This one’s below the belt, but, Jesus, I couldn’t say nothing about the photo of Steve Ralston the Cape Cod Times opted to run with their “state of the player” profile on Ralston.

To dwell on this a bit (and just a bit), that article made the piece of me that wants Ralston to get a new team a little bigger.  This is the passage that did it:

“Ralston is one of four remaining Major League Soccer ‘originals,’ who’ve played since the league’s 1996 inception, and he’s the only one without a championship.”

That’s just unfair, given how much Ralston has given to every team of which he’s been a part.  At the same time, my New England days aren’t so far gone that I don’t appreciate what getting Ralston to a winning team would mean for them – e.g. they would be really rogered, given the state of things.  Still, the respect I have for Ralston makes me really want to see the guy lift an MLS Cup.  And if things don’t change abruptly in New England – as in before 2008 kicks off – I’m seeing a short future of futility on a team in transition.

As much as I doubt a trade could happen, one really has to wonder what New England could get for the player.  Maybe Columbus and New England could arrange some kind of “autumn-spring” trade, get the age of their respective rosters somewhere closer to the middle?

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