Crew/Rapids TSII: (Hot) Preseason Action Coming

I see from a post on Down the Byline that the Kansas City Wizards, in the form of a 3-0 take-down of the U.S. U-17s, have already undergone their first preseason test. (And, if you read the details from the in-house Hillcrest Road blog, it sounds like they passed the test with flying colors. (Also, isn’t about time every Major League Soccer (MLS) team had one of these “official blogs” for the fans; just a steady parade of posts that allow fans to wallow in the minutiae of their club’s existence? To answer my own question, yes, it’s time.))

That got me thinking, fairly naturally, about when the Columbus Crew and Colorado Rapids would have their first preseason games. Here’s what I found:

It was pretty easy to find Columbus’ stuff: hell, the Chicago Sun-Times, by way of reporting on their local club, passed on word of a Crew preseason game against the Chicago Fire. That one falls on February 13 – and guess what? That’s not even the first one. In case you hadn’t caught it Crew fans (and seeing as it’s on the official site, I’m guessing you have…look, this is a PSA, all right?), your boys will be in action against KC as soon as February 9th. As in, holy poop, that’s this weekend.

As for the Rapids….um….I didn’t get much. As January 28, the official site has revived the “weekly update” feature for the 2008 season, but there’s nothing in there about preseason matches…just weight training and some stuff about players recovering from injury…oh, and Chase Hilgenbrinck’s opinion of The Dick.

So, if any Rapids fans who happen to visit this space could catch me up on any already-released Rapids’ preseason dish, I’d be obliged.


3 Responses

  1. To become a Rapids fan you must understand that information is hard to come by. Owner KSE likes their privacy and prefer to work in a vacuum as opposed to give out lots of good information. You’ll get a press release every once and awhile but that is it. Welcome to Rapidsland.

  2. Oof…how hostile is KSE? Wait…I think I know that one. Good to know.

  3. […] already flagged the first pre-season game I noticed this season: the Kansas City Wizards’ 3-0 win over the U.S. U-17s. And, this morning, comes word of DC United drawing against Toronto FC, 1-1. Of […]

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