100,000 hits! Thanks Readers!

I’m sure I speak for Jeff and Breton when I say thanks to everyone for making this site take off the way it has. Since we went live in August we’ve been slowly rising in the number of daily visits to our site, which now teeters around 1,000 depending on the amount that we post. Today we officially went over 100,000 hits, which says to me that we’ve got a good thing going around these parts.

When I was writing back at Lets Go Buffalo this summer, sick of looking at 40 hits a day, I decided to test the waters and see if anyone else wanted to get in on a multi-pundit football site.  I sent out tons of emails, but only Jeff and Breton actually got back to me.  We talked for a few days and then I posted the site and it was up and running.

When we started this site, we wanted to have a place where you could get all sorts of football news in one place. With Jeff’s coverage of MLS, Breton’s coverage of the Premiership, Ligue 1, the Eredivise and International games, and my coverage of La Liga, stupid You-Tube videos, and everything that is Spain, we’ve got a solid core of readers that make it worthwhile.

Blogging is something that everyone can do, but not everyone can do well. I make no claims to my ability as a writer, but I know that I love football and that is why I blog here. So many sites start up and then go post-less for months, but on CHI, we maintain a steady stream of daily posts (thanks to the machine that is Jeff). So many blogs come and go, but this one is here to stay.

The reason this post means something is because of the readers. Thanks for the comments and the ideas/arguments/disagreements/jokes/and everything else in between. Keep them coming and make sure to let us know if there is something you want us to focus on in the future, we are always open to new ideas. The more everyone comments, the more we learn and the better the site will be!

Now I’m back to Linguistic Typology and Universals, while my roommate yells at the Jamaican national team.


One Response

  1. Now, I feel like a dork (see immediately above). And your post has so much more class….

    Seriously, it’s been fun. Thanks for pulling it together back in August.

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