Crap! (No, It’s Not About My Technological Incompetence)

I meant to do something spectacular when Center Holds It picked up its 100,000th hit. (Like what? I don’t know like what. Maybe launch my cat out of a homemade catapult*, light a fart on fire**…I dunno…something I don’t usually do. Man, I really need to get that digital video recorder…that and a Tivo. Working on it.)

Anyway, last I checked, we had reached 100,450. No, those aren’t “mad, sick numbers” – to give an example, I think Soccer by Ives hit 700K in just a couple months – but they’re still surprising, to me at least. I would’ve been thrilled with 50K at this point in time.

So, to pat all three of us on the back, way to go Ryan and Breton. And special thanks to Ryan for bringing it all together.
* Of course I’m joking. A) I don’t have a catapult and B) I like my cat…more or less.

** Don’t even know how to do this, though I hear there are plenty of instructional videos on Youtube. But, yeah, I do want a digital video thingy.


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