Crew TSID*: Lars Ricken?

(* “This Shit Is Depressing” seemed more apt than the usual, “This Shit Is Important.” Read on…)

I think it was Monday that MLS Rumors reported on the possibility that the Columbus Crew would add former Borussia Dortmund player Lars Ricken to their roster. Figuring nothing would come of it, I sat on it for a few. The post’s cracks about Ricken being past it only made more sense of that.

With Covering the Crew reporting the next day that Ricken will join the Crew in Florida, the story moves from “possibility” to real-life trial – though I have to confess I’m even more baffled by the Crew’s decision. Here’s why:

“Ricken, who scored a goal in Dortmund’s 3-1 victory over Juventus in the 1997 Champions League final, was demoted to Dortmund’s reserve team last year and later said he would retire from professional play. He currently works in the Bundesliga club’s front office.

Um, what?

OK, to give the benefit of the doubt, Ricken isn’t riding some piddly club’s bench; Dortmund was The Poop a few years back. Still, 31 and already in the FO?

I doing my best to read something other than desperation in this…it’s not coming easily. But, like most Americans, I love second chances. Prove me wrong, Lars. Prove me wrong.

BONUS: I believe it’s important to wash down bad news with something, um, wonderful. Lord only knows, then, why I’m passing on this. In the middle of a Drunk Celebrity Countdown, there’s a clip of the late, drunk Oliver Reed going nuts on some English talkshow (he is dead, right? Yep and some time ago). The most priceless moment comes at the end, when someone screws up the courage to ask Reed why he drinks. Good answer….

And there’s some grim viewing in that countdown…let’s just say the infamous David Hasselhoff video tops off the Parade of Defeat.


2 Responses

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  2. […] US-Blogs und Foren werden allerdings nicht gerade viele Hoffnungen in ihn gesetzt. Außerdem wünschen sich die Fans wohl eher einen Stürmer und verstehen nicht, […]

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