Preseason Results, Part One

It seems wise for me to keep current on which teams are doing what in their preseason warm-ups. Then again, if my memory of how accurately the NFL’s preseason tracked regular season results holds, this could very well be one of the least relevant measures going. And, for the record, I haven’t given so much a half-a-shit about the NFL since the early 1990s.

But I find ’em interesting, so I’ll track ’em, as well as mentioning anything about the games that caught my eye. I haven’t decided on a schedule for these – e.g. weekly, or as they come (leaning toward the former) – and I’ll work on a punchier title for the feature over the weekend.

That said, here’s the latest:

I’ve already flagged the first pre-season game I noticed this season: the Kansas City Wizards’ 3-0 win over the U.S. U-17s. And, this morning, comes word of DC United drawing against Toronto FC, 1-1. Of interest in that one – for me, anyway – is the Ronnie O’Brien sighting. Sure, it’s nice that Danny Dichio scored the goal, but O’Brien meant so much for Toronto’s offense in ’07.

OK, more to come as I see them.

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5 Responses

  1. Hey, nice blog, just wanted to say hello. What are your thoughts on the Capello debut? I thought they looked sloppy the first half hour, which should come as no surprise, but then played with a nice flair for the remainder and created a lot of chances. Change won’t come overnight, but I see Capello bringing exciting opportunities to England’s international prospects.

  2. Unfortunately, I can’t answer that one, Shane. I didn’t catch it…but might catch the tail-end tonight. I’m hoping one of my colleagues (Breton? Is this you?) caught the game and will drop some thoughts on the page.

    What I can say, without having seen a kick, I’d always rate Capello over Steve McClaren.

  3. Yeah I can’t comment either. I fell asleep watching my text feed of the Spain France game.

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  5. I caught it and it looked like the players were labouring with such little time with the new boss, but they seem to like him a lot. He’s also fired out a warning shot to fringe, vet players like Owen and Beckham that caps won’t just be handed out (then he goes and plays Jermaine Jenas, who happens to score). If he brings back Kieron Dyer then I’ll be weirded out. Overall, it wasn’t great – but Capello’s style isn’t great/entertaining/fun to watch – it’s simply to win games. Which is what England needs.

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