Rapids TSII: Out of the Goodness of Their Hearts…

…the Colorado Rapids FO has deigned to release their preseason training schedule to great, unwashed masses. In a case that looks a little like putting on airs, they play up the Arsenal FC connection quite a bit. Well, I once talked a random steward into letting me walk around inside Everton’s Goodison Park (provided I didn’t touch….no, don’t look even look at it…the pitch), so I’m less impressed with that than I might have been…though I suspect the Rapids players enjoy slightly better access.

Alternately, the Rapids organization could be playing up the “Arsenal connection” to distract from the relative dearth of preseason warm-up games. Now, I didn’t read this thing closely (press releases make me sleepy), but I counted only two preseason games for the Rapids: one against Real Salt Lake (February 22) and another against the Chicago Fire (March 22). (pssst…you can schedule more games. It’s OK. I mean, look at Toronto FC’s preseason obstacle course.)

In other Rapids news, it appears that Christian Gomez is coming…but, as the Black Panther blog points out, very, very slowly. I hope it’s not cold feet. Seriously. I have to watch the Rapids this year…

BONUS: Rules for alcoholic chess. A good game, I suppose, but it doesn’t hold a candle to some featured in this drinking games collection run in The Portland Mercury. I think my favorite is Aussie Coin Flip. The rules:

“Take turns calling heads or tails and flipping the coin. If it lands on your side, your opponent(s) take a shot. If it doesn’t, you do. The first person to puke is the loser, and “has to get a smack across the head.” (Hey, we didn’t make the rules.)”

Along with the Mercury, I naturally encourage everyone to drink responsibly and to know their limits…all while sowing the seeds of wickedness…


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