Rapids TSII: The Reassuring, Educational Benefits of Soccer America’s Preview

I don’t know how many readers will be able to access this – and I’ve got only a couple months left on my freebie trial – but Soccer America (SA) turned its pre-season attention to the Colorado Rapids this morning.  And, typing as someone who only really noticed the Rapids when they de-pantsed FC Dallas in the ’05 and ’06 post-seasons, I actually learned quite a bit from their preview.

But even for non-newbies, there’s plenty of stuff in there, including:

– Details, as far as SA could get them from our tight-lipped league, on the Christian Gomez deal.  I’d be curious as to what “real” Rapids fans think of temporarily loaning their designated player slot along with a first round draft pick for an old-ish player like Gomez.  Of more interest still is where Colorado is thinking about playing him – e.g. up top, which, as SA points out, raises some issues with the current crop of forwards, not all of whom perform as advertised, scheduled, or desired.  I’m still working through what I think about this…and I may just have to wait and see…

– …especially with the talk about Pablo Mastroeni pairing with some unnamed Brazilian in central midfield.  That only seems to 1) deepen the confusion at forward, and, 2) point to some necessary off-loading.

– There’s also the revamped defense, one built on Chase Hilgenbrinck and Jose Burciaga Jr. on the flanks and, assuming the efforts to bring him home succeed, Nat Borchers in central defense.  So, does that mean Borchers with Mike Petke or would Fernando Clavijo (or “first assistant coach” – aka, Clavijo’s successor-in-grooming) go to a 3-5-2, which would make more sense out of the talk of Pablo + a Brazilian.

Whatever all y’all make of it, at least things are happening, right?  Right?


3 Responses

  1. It is certainly going to be an interesting season for the Rapids. With the addition of Gomez they go from a door mat to contender. I count myself as a “Real” Rapids fan and I am pumped for the trade. The team wasn’t going to use the DP spot and this is how they were able to unlock the value. Adding Gomez’s attacking dynamic will add a lot. He’ll both produce goals and take defensive pressure off the forwards. Look for goals from Omar Cummings and Jacob Peterson in 2008. They should be able to do enough to keep Jovan the traffic cone on the bench.

  2. I’ve been dying to ask Rapids fans this one: how many heartbeats would it take you to off-load Kirovski? I can’t think it’s more than two…

  3. Well, I keep seeing people saying that the Rapids got fleeced by giving up the DP slot. Granted, DC might have given up Gomez’s rights for less, but I don’t think it hurt the Rapids, other than by possible making DC stronger if they can fill the other DP slot. I doubt the Rapids would have spent the money on a DP over the next 2 seasons anyway. Other than putting up money for DSGP, KSE has been VERY cheap. Would a team that wouldn’t spend $200k to fire Clavijo actually drop $1M+ on a DP? Not likely.

    Oh, and Jeff, I think two heatbeats would be 1 too many. 2 if 0 heartbeats is a valid answer. Kirovski is known as “the cone” and “the oxygen thief” on the messege boards. Not exactly a fan favorite…

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