Pre-season Results Update

Figuring when and how often to run these little updates is tricky business.  As of Monday, I was going to run with weekly, but the information goes stale after a day or two – maybe the fact, apart from getting fans excited and players firt, the games don’t accomplish much plays a role in that.  Another thing I considered just this morning: posting a weekly rundown of each clubs’ record in pre-season.  That may yet come together, but I’m really dreading back-tracking through the posts.

So, posting as they come seems best….allowing for time off on the weekends (when I actually take it).  And, thanks to the second half of Soccer America’s pre-season results/schedule update, I should have a pretty good bead on coming events.

For today, though, coverage will go back to the several past games that happened since, oh, Sunday; expect the rolling updates to commence tomorrow morning/afternoon.   In no particular order…

Toronto FC 0-0 Odense BoldKlub
Toronto’s Globe and Mail provided pretty thorough coverage of this one…well, for a preseason game.  Do check the “TFC Notes” at the bottom of the page for word of good vibes between Jeff Cunningham and Danny Dichio and some other stuff.

Chivas USA 2-0 UCLA
Obviously, Chivas ought to win this one.  Unfortunately, coverage of this one looks more like what you’d expect for a Major League Soccer (MLS) pre-season game.  Oh well, at least 100% Soccer and Chivas’ official site provided something; in their defense, the event was closed-door (um…why?).

Kansas City Wizards 1-1 DC United
Steve Goff’s Soccer Insider provides for DC’s side of the draw, while Hillcrest Road picks up KC’s.  Both pieces provide some bonus details on line-ups, performance, recovery from injury, etc.

Chivas USA 1-0 Red Bull New York
I’m sure the official site’s have something, but Soccer By Ives’ report carries word and photographic evidence of a, frankly, shocking cameo for RBNY.

Coming tomorrow (i.e. games today, so I’ll post on ’em tomorrow)
Chicago Fire v. Columbus Crew
San Jose Earthquakes v. Houston Dynamo

Expect special treatment for the Columbus game…

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