WTH? Who’s the Worst Player in MLS? An Informal Poll

Don’t know why this idea came to me now…maybe it’s something to do with typing out Jovan Kirovski’s name in the post below that has me thinking about it just now…but who is the “worst player” in Major League Soccer (MLS)?

That I put that in scare quotes says something. When I say, “worst player,” I think I’m looking at something different than straight-up competence and quality. In other words, I don’t really think Kirovski is the worst player out there – e.g. I’m confident he can play circles around every rookie and suspect he’s even on the high side of average in terms of raw talent…though definitely not speed.

If, however, one combines salary and production versus expectations, he’s an excellent candidate for the dubious honor. And, um, no offense to Jovan…who I’m sure if perfectly nice and decent.

So, that’s my pick and my rationale. Feel free to vote for your candidate below and provide your thinking for the record. There is no prize or correct answer.

BONUS MATERIAL: I’ve been a little slack on these this week.  Haven’t had time for my usual patrols around the Web.  Still, some of the reading I do gives me the chance to go a little high-brow with this stuff…like quotes from historical figures.  The one below comes from Charles Maurice Talleyrand-Perigord, a complicated figure once described by Napoleon Bonaparte as “a pile of shit in a silk stocking.”  Talleyrand lived to see a couple French Revolutions and, in general, didn’t think much of the first, bloody affair.  Here’s a quote he sent by way of introduction to London in his role as emissary; curiously, he used the phrase to describe the death of France’s martial ambitions…right around the time those really kicked into gear.  Still, good quote, great sentiment:

“We have learned that the only policy suited to free and enlightened men is to be sovereign over one’s own affairs and not to have the ridiculous pretension of imposing it on others.”
Citizens, Simon Schama, p. 680


7 Responses

  1. salary and production vs. expectation … can the answer be anyone but Denilson? Or does he not count since he no longer in the MLS?

  2. So far as I’m concerned, they all count…all-time is acceptable. But, yeah, I went with a current player. Using the formula and going all-time, however, Denilson has to be WAY up there.

  3. It is funny you thought of this topic because of Jovan Kirovski. In my mind he is the worst value in MLS Players. His high salary has been guaranteed and the Colorado Rapids were dumb enough to get stuck with him. It seems like he has some kind of must play clause because despite being the worst player on the field for much of 2007, he continued to play. The fact he was the Rapids’ top goal scorer in 2007 with 6 goals, most being from the penalty spot, adds insult to injury. I’m sure there are some players who are less skilled, but when Jovan takes the field he earns his nickname, The Traffic Cone. He’s got my vote for worst player in MLS and I can’t wait for his contract to end after the 2008 season.

  4. You know who comes to mind in the salary to value ratio? Edson Buddle at LA.

    But what’s interesting is that when I think about answering this question without looking up the rosters of all the teams, I mostly think of people who aren’t here this year: Denilson, Carlos Pavon, Amado Guevara, Clint Mathis, Lothar Matteus, etc.

    I can’t think, just off the top of my head, of big cases of suckage that are still hanging around outside of the two just mentioned. Note, I’m not saying they don’t exist, but I am saying the easy marks are gone.

  5. I second Nathanhj. Edson Buddle is payed and played way too much. While playing alongside great rookies that are payed 1/3 of his salary, it’s obvious that he does not fit in. Last season Josh Tudela made much more of an impact in the few games he played than Buddle did the whole season. Ty Harden established himself as a permanent center back.
    And with LA’s salary cap bulging, they can’t exactly afford someone that doesn’t meet their standards….

  6. jorge rojas is worst

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