Sloppy, Stadium Valentines!

To all the Center Holds It readers, Happy Valentine’s day.  We love you….and not platonically…

And, to borrow a headline (and concept…and the reporting; I’m only posting this for my own Valentine’s joke) from the Washington Examiner, DC United got a big sloppy kiss from the Washington D.C. city council in the form of a renewed interest/talk about funding a soccer-specific stadium for the club at the long-discussed Poplar Point site.  Kick ass.  Still, all cause for elation aside, a couple warps and wrinkles loom.  First, it appears this is just step one in a “three to four year process,” so, say hello to 2012!  Second, whispers of a potential political backlash echoed throughout the Washington Post’s write-up.  I’ll leave it to people better connected to the D.C.-scene to make sense of that.  Still, something to watch for…

Still, like getting a kiss from someone other than the perfect girl, don’t it all beat a kick in the head?

In case you’re not feeling good enough about the overall soccer-specific stadium situation, word coming out of Kansas City mentions good, steady progress on the “Bannister Mall-area” stadium for the Wizards – complete with talk of being on schedule for a 2010 opening.

Assuming these two fall into place, that will make…let’s see…nine plus two…eleven Major League Soccer (MLS) clubs in their own homes by 2012.  Comfortably over half the league=good stuff.

BONUS MATERIAL: Back with the silly today.

– Think of nothing but the shape of this toy.  Now, think that someone designed this, that it passed through multiple levels of approval, etc. without anyone catching the obvious problem.

– We all have to start somewhere…well, those of us who go anywhere that is.  Evangeline Lilly is no different.  And do note how she says “out.”


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