One-Liner guide to La Liga- Jornada 24

La Liga keeps chugging along like tailgaters at a Buffalo Bills game. It’s Jornada 24 and I’ve decided to do something a bit different this week. I’ll still give out the Spanish cultural tid-bit so that you all may receive your weekly immersion. But, I’ll also drop a few links, quick stories about what happened in La Liga this week so that everyone can know what’s going on. In essence I’m making a more comprehensive preview, except for my brief previews that have evolved from one liners because well..thats hard.

By the way, I try my hardest to find stories on La Liga in English to link to for everyone, but part of the fact that I write about La Liga is because not many English blogs or Bloggers for the matter, are devoted to La Liga. Much of my reading takes place on Spanish Language websites or blogs, but when I can find the appropriate English links, I’ll give them to you all here. Vale?

Listos? Venga, vamos!

Your Spanish cosita


Since unfortunately I can’t be a blogger forever (unless I want to live in a van down by the river) I am studying for my ph.d. in Linguistics, and I do work on Catalan, which in it’s most basic form is a Romance Language spoken primarily in Catalunya and near Valencia. It’s a completely different language than Spanish, but it does have similarities. Some of you who have ever been to Barcelona (Breton) know that in Barcelona, things are written in 3 languages (normally) first Catalan, then either English or Spanish, and vice versa for the third (just to piss off the madridistas).

Catlalan has a very rich history, and this is why if you are searching for anything on Barcelona, or Espanyol (Which is actually Español but the ñ in Catlalan is written ny) you will often find webpages written in what almost looks to be Spanish. And Barcelona’s slogan ‘mes que un club’ is actually Catalan, with mes simply meaning mas in Spanish.

Just a quick snippit on how much the Catalans are different or have some harsh feelings for Spain? In a recent Espanyol calendar sent out to all the socios (supporter club members) Spanish flags were photoshopped by changing the colors to Blue and White (Espanyol’s colors) but the Catalan flags were left alone.

Aixi vosaltres podeu aprendre unas frases en Català. Molt bé oi?

La Semana Pasada (Last week)

Bring in the bulldozers and lets turn this place into a parking lot

As I may have mentioned las week, Levante are not having the best week ever, as Tim Stannard at La Liga Loca puts it, The Peasants are Revolting. Stannard says:

The defender revealed that the players were still owed 60/80% of their salaries from last season, 85% from this one and 100% of their win bonuses – a total that is not going to be a significant sum of money, one imagines.
The squad has suffered “extreme family problems, frozen bank accounts and accounts in the red,” complained Descarga, who also revealed that one member of the youth team was forced to sell his car so he could feed himself.

So apparently it’s not all rainbows and butterflies if you play for the other club in Valencia.

We ain’t going nowhere, cause we’re Madridistas for life

This week saw Iker Casillas and Raúl sell their soul to the devil, literally. The two officially signed on as madridistas for life (with a few clauses in there about how many games to play, etc etc.)

My simple question as I posted in the comments is this. Say Iker Casillas (who I’ve already touted as the best keeper in the world) starting having a rough spell when he’s around 30. Then he’s relegated to sitting on the bench for the rest of his life? We all know the White Devils can buy a stud whenever they want, and if Iker is struggling as he gets older, do we really believe Calderón is just going to watch with his hands folded?

Ronaldinho still insists on staying put

Ronaldinho, who has seen his days numbered at Barcelona, insists he doesn’t want to sign for Inter or for AC Milan. He will need to find a new home soon enough, also as Barcelona scored one of the biggest 15 year olds floating around in Spain right now in Mauro Icadri. This is the first of my hearing about the young 15 year old, but I’ll make sure to do some more reading up on him soon.

La Liga is a tight race

Aside from Madrid and Barça, the rest of La Liga is still anyone’s game. This article gives a look at the Champions League and UEFA Cup spots still up for grabs this season. This race is still far from over.


Villarreal v Racing Santander Sunday 11:00 am (Eastern Standard Time)

3 v 6 in this clash that could see Racing sent out of the UEFA Cup (with a Sevilla win) and a deserving Villarreal team move even closer to 2nd place. We all live in a yellow submarine!


Espanyol v Sevilla
3:00 pm

Jose Maria del Nido, Sevilla president, says if they don’t make it into the Champions League this season ‘in to the fuckin’ oven you go head first’ now that 20% of the operating budget is Champions League money. Sweet.

Betis v Real Madrid

This week’s most lopsided matchup (standings wise) bring the Madridistas to the other side of Sevilla that no one talks about since, well, they look like cucumbers.

Zaragoza v Barcelona

An Eto’o-less Barcelona still have enough firepower to conquer Andorra, but will never do so since all Catalans go there to by tax-free goods.


Recreativo v Deportivo

The battle for relegation continues as these bottom table juggernauts battle it out just like Deportivo’s keepers did a few weeks ago.

Valladolid v Mallorca

Valladolid are looking to recover after a 7-0 donkey punch by Real Madrid while Oscar Trejo says ‘The wins are coming’ for Mallorca this season.

Almeria v Murcia
11:00 pm

Battle of the newly promoted last season, with Cinderella side Almeria sitting in 8th spot while ugly-stepsister Murcia go to the ball in 19th.

Levante v Osasuna

If Levante pull out a win against the dirty, dirty rojillos, president Julio Ramero has promised them all a trip to Chuck E. Cheese complete with a slice of pizza for all, but only water to drink. What a cheap bastard.

Getafe v Valencia

Tim Stannard expresses this matchup the best in his weekend preview (talking about Ever Banega):

Fine sentiments from a man who
happily shook hands with the unemployed, for all the
internet watching world to see in gruesome graphic


Atlético v Athletic

Atlético and Athletic mean the same thing, but the buzz in Spain now is apparently Kun Agüerro doesn’t know that spitting near a ref is not the same as saying ‘I Love you’


3 Responses

  1. Hard to believe Ronaldinho is still talking love towards a Catalunya that hardly loves him, of late.

    I think the most exciting match of the weekend could be Getafe v Valencia, though the former might be spread a bit thin from their midweek trip to Athens.

    The Barcelona v Zaragoza match should be exciting as well, with Diego Milito going head to head with his brother Gabi. Diego, the older of the two, has recently been welcoming interest from Barcelona – no doubt the brothers would love to re-unite. Expect Diego, 2nd on the list of La Liga goalscorers, to be hunting for number 15 – not only to impress Barcelona’s trainers but to show up his little brother. Don’t expect Gabi to make it easy for him, however.

    Great post, Ryan, keep it up!

  2. Also – Atletico should be glad the match will be held in the Calderon this weekend. What with the recent ruling banning the seperatist Basque National Action party from participating in elections for the next 3 years, and the subsequent riots and demonstrations, I doubt that Balboa would be the best travel destination at the moment.

    Here’s a question for you – IF Basque separatists were to get their wishes – or even Catalans, for that matter – would their clubs be able to participate in La Liga? If not, Laporta should be careful what he wishes for.

  3. Personally I don’t think that Catalunya or Pais Vasco will ever be an independent ‘nation’. Catalunya would be the better of the two since they have more money than they know what to do with.

    But if they did break away, I’m not sure if they would be allowed to participate in La Liga. I would actually say they wouldnt’ be able, since the rest of Spain would be pissed that they went away from Spain.

    Do you have an article about the Basque stuff? I haven’t read El Pais or any other newspapers this week in Spain, so I’ve been out of the loop.

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