FA Cup: Barnsley shocks Liverpool, 2-1

Between captain Brian Howard and debut goalkeeper Luke Steele, I don’t know who had the better performance.

Actually I do, Howard might have provided the near post drive that sunk Liverpool in the 93rd minute but it was Steele who kept the Reds – somehow – from hitting the back of the net. Crouch had numerous opportunities, Kewell hit the crossbar, the action on Barnsley’s defensive end NEVER stopped coming. All it took was one mounted attack, a little footwork, and agility (although where the hell were the Liverpool defenders) and a crack to the near post – which Charles Itandje – who looked lost – neglected to cover.

Either way, Barnsley is through after Liverpool squandered a 1-0 lead. I’ll put up the highlights once I can find them…the question is, what now happens with Rafa Benitez? Is patience wearing thin – because that was a lot of booing I heard at the end of that game.


4 Responses

  1. I thought Luke Steele had an amazing performance. He stole the show.

  2. Dear Liverpool,

    Please stop pissing me off and losing. I’m about ready to replace the scarf hanging in my room with an Everton one.


  3. Does anyone have any pictures from that game. I’m actually looking to find Luke Steele’s number. What number was he wearing?

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