Pre-Season Results: RBNY Over Some Swedes (One that Got Away)

In a pre-season bout that Soccer America seemingly failed to notice (don’t see it in here), but later flagged, Red Bull New York topped Swedish Club IF Hammarby last Friday by a score of 2-0.   Word on that came tucked at the bottom of a larger, fairly useful Soccer America piece on which players look hot this pre-season…and that’s “hot” as in playing well, as opposed to prancing along all sweaty and desirable.

Turning to the “hot” Red Bulls, one would probably flag Juan Pablo Angel and reported new signing Oscar Echeverry, both of whom scored against Hammarby.

BONUS MATERIAL: All right, tough guy.  Read the tale of woe on the other side of this link and see if you can stop from weeping. It’s not the shortest thing you’ll ever read, so find some place where you have time to read it.  And keep tissues handy.  You’ll need ’em if you’re a normal, feeling human being.  That goes double for people with kids.

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