Rapids-Reinaldo-RSL: Do They Ever Stop Competing?

Figuring they had shot their wad for several years when they signed Christian Gomez, word that the Colorado Rapids slapped a discovery claim on some Brazilian cat named Reinaldo surprised me a little. “Ambition” and “Colorado Rapids” appear in about as many sentences as “spendthrift” and “New England Revolution.”

Apart from knowing he most recently plied his trade in Australia, I know so little about Reinaldo that I hesitated to post anything on this…until today, that is, when I read on My Soccer Blog that Real Salt Lake is loitering with intent in the event that Colorado passes on, or cannot afford, a deal with the Brazilian.

The Rocky Mountain rivalry…nothing can stop it…not even the off-season.

I have just about wrapped up The Unbearable Lightness of Being, a rather famous book I’m moderately proud to say I neglected to read during my undergraduate years.  It’s good, obviously, and contains plenty of wonderful thoughts expressed wonderfully (that butchered phrasing is, by the way intentional).  I’ll get myself in trouble later when I stretch a quote in an unpopular way, but here’s a good, general one I really liked:

“The goals we pursue are often veiled.  A girl who longs for marriage long for something she knows nothing about.  Teh boy who hankers after fame has no idea what fame is.  The thing that gives our every move its meaning is always totally unknown to us.” 


2 Responses

  1. […] Rapids Signed: Trialist/In-Progress: Rumor: Reinaldo Thoughts Part of the two-way duel for Reinaldo’s signature with Real Salt Lake and, from what I […]

  2. No new word yet on how things are going for the Rapids in signing him.

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