Richards + for Conde? Asking Anyone Who Cares

Soccer By Ives reported this morning that the Chicago Fire turned down a swap proffered by Red Bull New York that would have sent right-sided lightning bolt Dane Richards to Chicago and disgruntled defender Wilman Conde to NYC (or thereabouts).  Further down his post, Ives concocts a couple other formulations for separating Conde from the Fire – and there’s some interesting arrangements in there.  A few of those would tempt me, anyway, but Chicago seems determined to spurn the advances.

As I’m turning this over in my head, a lot of the same questions that occurred to WVHooligan’s drew epperley are occurring to me as well; rather than reformulate/re-type those questions here, I’ll ask that you read his post.

More generally, though, I’m asking because 1) I’m curious and 2) I’m not sure: What do all y’all make of, not only this trade, but of the entire “Conde Situation”?  Any answers will do….even some kind of comment spam for penis enlargement could lead to enlightment.

More from The Unbearable Lightness of Being.  I like this one for its blasphemy.  Milan Kundera goes on to allude to the same later in the text, but it’s a common enough concept that they made a movie about it and David Duchovny played the lead.  Here’s the bit I like:

“Surgery takes the basic imperative of the medical profession to its outermost border, where the human makes contact with the divine.  When a person is clubbed violently on the head, he collapses and stops breathing.  Some day, he will stop breathing anyway.  Murder simply hastens a bit what God will eventually see to on his own.  God, it may be assumed, too murder into account; He did not take surgery into account.  He never suspected that someone would dare to stick his hand into what He had invented, wrapped carefully in skin, and sealed away from human eyes.”


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