Champions League-La Liga Edition: A Tale of 3-2’s

Le Sigh. =(

Fenerbahçe 3 – Sevilla 2

A Sevilla side with no excuses couldn’t defend worth a damn and still almost came out of Turkey with a win. Three Fenerbahçe goals scored on TERRIBLE defending by Sevilla.

I’ll spare a recap of the game since everyone knows how much I hate doing them. But I’ll still give my two cents.

I said in the pre-game post that I thought putting in Duda was a good idea to get some veteran blood in the game. But what the hell was I thinking? The ONLY substitution by Jimenez was putting in Capel for the Portuguese winger, who did not impress me at all throughout the game. He is considerably slower than Capel, but Jimenez thought he would give a new dimension to Sevilla’s attack by cutting the ball into the middle, whereas Capel is more of a put my head down and run run run type of guy.

And on the same token, why didn’t Jimenez make any more substitutions?? Renato could have came in for Keita or Poulsen to give a bit more attack near the end, but he didn’t do a thing.

The blame doesn’t rest solely on Jimenez shoulders. I’m in the same camp as Jesus Alvarado, who says Jimenez screwed up, but so did Luis Fabiano and Kanouté, the defense, the midfield, everyone. For a Sevilla team full of attacking prowess, our first goal was scored by Edu, who doesn’t even play for us, and the second was scored by one of our central defenders. Sevilla’s attacking duo were stopped cold.

We’re out of the hell and now on to the Paradise that is the Sanchez Pizjuan on the 5th.

Celtic 2 – Barcelona 3

What a game this was. I was lucky enough to DVR it and watch the replay, even after I knew the score. But it was quite the game.

5 great goals peppered this game with non-stop action. Celtic scored both goals of incredible headers, the second of which was more of a gift from God than anything. The floating header caught Victor Valdes napping and barely scraped in under the crossbar.

Henry had a great goal as Barcelona’s pressure was too much for Celtic in the long run. JT at the Celtic Offside Blog has a small little bit about the game:

It wasn’t a victory, but tonite is certainly a nite to celebrate if you’re a fan of the club or Scottish football.

And that it most certainly was.

Roma 2 – Real Madrid 1

Real Madrid couldn’t get it done as they fell to Roma in the first leg. My favorite Madrid blogger Corey over on the Real Madrid Offside has a recap of the game.

I watched some parts of the game and I have to agree with Corey that the game was a bit uninspiring. A Madrid team just didn’t stick out to me. All 11 players seemed to be playing in the same obscurity, with no one stepping out to take charge. Chris over on the Roma Offside has a recap of the game too, obviously from the Italian POV.

One of the notes from this game is Sergio Ramos will miss the next game thanks to a Yellow Card. Maybe we’ll see the return of Salgado?? Eek.

It could be worse, you could be this fan who got stabbed in the ass before the Roma game.

Now that sucks.

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