Crew TSII: Welcome, Niko (Can We Bundle in Lou Reed?)

In a move that puts my two worlds in dangerously close contact, it appears the Columbus Crew picked up M/F Nicolas “Nico” Hernandez from the Colorado Rapids.  Defender Tim Ward and a third round pick in the ’09 supplemental draft go the other way.

Weird deal.  This is good and bad for the Crew…or, actually, good and/or bad.  Or something like that.

Here’s what I’m thinking: If they landed the Nico Mark ’06, the Crew picked up a good, flexible option at forward and midfield.  If they landed Nico Mark ’07, they added another Eddie Gaven – e.g. an inconsistent player ever on the verge of breaking any game wide open…only to fail to do so.  Sometimes comically.  Speaking personally, though, I’ve always kind of liked Nico, so, for me, this works – at least if until, or if, he stinks up the joint.  To address the downside, what’s this say about the players the Crew have on trial?  Are Emanuel Ekpo and Guilherme So that underwhelming?  Or is Nico coming on board just more depth?  The roster tells me the Crew have room (I’m counting 23 players, 22 with Ward gone).

As for losing Ward (who cares about the pick?), it’s not quite a bad thing.  Ward seems a fair imitation of an up-and-comer.  At the same time, the Crew have some other options in defense, even some other up-and-comers (at least from what I’ve read) in Ryan Junge and Jed Zayner.

All told, I have to say I like this one trade for the Crew.  It’s worth the gamble at the very lest.

I love this: some guy posted a bunch of Garfield comics, but with only Garfield’s owner, Jon Arbuckle, in the story.  The result is surprisingly funny…provided you take a little pleasure in the man’s apparent suffering.  My favorite (so far) is the fourth one: “This is not my lucky hat!”


3 Responses

  1. Nico as a forward, me likey
    Nico as a wide midfielder, he sucky

    I also think he was too busy plotting Clavijo’s demise while playing on the wing to really do much.

  2. This is a cap clearing move by the Rapids. Nico sucked for the Rapids in 2007. He was played out of position a good bit but even up top, he sucked. He cost the Rapids 130K in ’07. If he didn’t have a guaranteed contract in ’08, he would have been waived.

    The Rapids get a generation adidas player who adds depth to the defense. This makes room for the Rapids to sign Brazilian forward Reinaldo.

  3. […] that, I’ll let someone who does get it chime in: Bonji, of College to Pros fame, explains the practical side of this deal; and, if you want to look at this from the Crew perspective, just scroll up from the […]

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