Apparently White People Like the IDEA of Soccer

Sitting around eating lunch before class, I normally start to troll the internets along with my officemate. We generally come up with at least 2 or 3 funny pictures, websites or something to pass the time.

Today, I found a blog entiled ‘Stuff White People Like’. Intrigued, I looked at the site and found myself liking most of the things they had said white people like. Hell, they must be right.

Going through their list, I came across #80-The Idea of Soccer. I read the article and I loved this line.

Most white people choose a favorite soccer team based on either a study abroad experience or a particularly long vacation to Europe or South America. When they return, they like to tell their friends about how great “football” is and that they are committed to ‘getting more into’ now that they have returned home.

Also, this quote accurately describes me.

In fact, the main reason white people like soccer is so they can buy a new scarf. As ou may or may not know, many soccer teams issue special scarves, and white people cannot get enough of them!

Why? Not because I have lots of team scarves (which I do). But because currently it’s ass cold here in Buffalo, and I’m wearing my Sevilla scarf around my neck.  I find it appropriate to do.

Cold weather + cold neck = Scarf

This thing about newbies liking soccer after being abroad is incredibly true. I remember when I went to Sevilla, my best friend who went along with me pretty much ridiculed me throughout high school for playing soccer. I used to pick on him for being Italian and not liking the game. But, once we came back from Sevilla, he started watching the game, and knew NOTHING about it. To this day, I still have to explain what offsides is, and most recently after Sevilla lost in the Champions League, the next phonecall was attempting to talk about how ”Away goals count as two.”

But at least he has a Sevilla scarf.


2 Responses

  1. I can’t believe that post is getting so much play.

  2. It’s something simple that made me laugh, but it’s something that I’ve experienced time and time again, hence why I put it here.

    Simple things amuse me!

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