CCC08 Quarterfinals Wrap: Correctives, Additions from Around the Web

I posted my usual ramblers on the CONCACAF Champions Cup quarterfinals involving Major League Soccer (MLS) clubs down the page (Harbour View v. DC and Municipal v. Houston). In my usual rounds around the Web, however, I found plenty more thoughts on all this – the majority of them coming from DC-related sites (hey, Houston fans, where are you guys?). A few of those disagreed with my copy to varying degrees, so I thought I’d pass on those to give all y’all another perspective. That way, we all get smarter (and they get plugged!). There is also one area of broad agreement that I’ll flag as well.

May as well start with Houston, ’cause they didn’t get as many. Well, actually, may as well plug Jeff Carlisle’s quarterfinals review for He turned in his usual quality stuff on both games, but took a harder line on DC’s draw; his singling out of DC’s flank defending as “shaky” also bears noting; after all, that could be why Harbour View did so well down the flanks, right? WVHooligan also combined both games in one post and, while he didn’t think much of either team’s performance, he took a dimmer view of Houston’s game. So, who’s right? Got me. You figure it out.

Turning now to the only Houston-specific post I read, The Dynamo Offside appreciated Brian Ching’s night more than I did. More remarkably, he gave a player a 10-of-10 ranking, something I have never seen done. Ballsy! You’ll have to check it out to see who. While it’s not a full-blown post Nutmegged’s Martek caught something I meant to flag: Dominic Kinnear’s penchant for subbing very, very late.

Now, DC United’s draw with Harbour View – there was a lot more traffic on this one. An American’s View provided more detail on Harbour View’s equalizer – something to watch for in future – but I really appreciated Brian’s comments on Moreno – educational stuff. Elsewhere, The Fullback Files had a different take on the potential red card Jermaine Taylor (I think it was him) could have picked up and the refereeing in general…this same post will show up later in another context. Finally, The DCenters posted their traditional debriefing which split with me….well, let’s just say they stuffed enough links/points-of-view into that one post that someone has to disagree with me somewhere in there.

Now, the area of agreement: Who’d a thunk the extreme hackery of Christian Miles could bring so many people together? Dave Lifton, writing over on Booked for Dissent, posted a couple rants against Miles (#1 and #2); hell, even Steve Goff took time to land a series of blows on the FSC team’s preparation…and they richly deserved it. But it was the The Fulback Files’ pet-names for Miles that really satisfied: “the Prince of Darkness, the Incubus of Inanity, the Antichrist of American soccer broadcasting.” Ah, well met, sir.

– I’ve plugged Some Grey Bloke before and see no reason to stop after watching him pick his religion.  His response to an “out there” fan is pretty sharp as well, even if it’s a one-joke thing…but what a joke.

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