Michael Bradley scores 2 more, brings total to 18!

Bradley brings his tally for the season up to 18 overall, 16 in the Eredivisie. His goals started and finished Heerenveen’s scoring and provided Heerenveen with a huge 3 points as the season begins to wind down. The win gives the Frisians momentum heading into next week’s clash versus Ajax and possession of a three game win streak. Bradley hasn’t just surpassed DaMarcus Beasley and Eric Wynalda for most goals in a season for a Yank Abroad. He has destroyed it with several games still to go. The three points puts them up and tied for fourth and six points from 2nd. Between Bradley and the other youth phenom on the team, Miralem Sulejmani, have really made names for themselves this year. It’ll be interesting to see where they end up in the summer. For Bradley, a move is expected but Sulejmani could stay another year or so.

Check out his second goal – an acrobatic sidekick:

The State of MLS: An A to an Unsolicited Q

A smarter blogger would sit on this one till Monday, but I just want to clear my desktop.

I received an email a couple days ago from someone who just started reading Center Holds It, asking me a question. I banged out a reply and was about to send when it occurred to me that 1) the subject was interesting, and 2) I kinda liked my answer. So I figured, why not just post the thing.

In the future, I’d love to do more Q & A’s but don’t know that I have the expertise or sources to make it worthwhile. It’s nothing I’ve considered on my own, anyway. Still, if anyone out there ever wants to know what I think about just about anything, you are absolutely welcome to drop me a line and ask the question. I will answer it.

Anyway, the question that came my way appears below (a couple others are waiting in the hopper; don’t know if I’ll post those; haven’t really thought them out yet); the answer comes after the jump.

Q (it didn’t occur to me to ask permission to use his name):
I was wondering if you could answer something for me. I think [MLS] great, and clearly you do too, but unfortunately we are in the vast [minority] of Americans. That said, what do you think is the current state of the MLS? And why hasn’t it ever really caught on in the US? Continue reading

MLS Daily Sweeper, 3.21: Seeing to my CCC08 Duty; Beckham’s Clause

This will be quick:

– Holy crap!  Deportivo Saprissa mugs Atlante FC and steps over the battered body into the CONCACAF Champions Cup semifinals.  All right, Dynamo, don’t you get to relaxing because the Mexican team crashed out; Saprissa are recent champs after all.  Credit to My Soccer Blog for carrying my water.

WVHooligan, among others who shall go unlinked, got wind of an alleged (this is 60 Minutes reporting), very special clause in David Beckham’s contract: an option to buy an MLS club at the end of his contract.  There’s something devilish in that, but I don’t object either. He’ll still be famous then, so what’s the harm?

Have a good weekend, people.  I kicked my own ass today.