Happy Easter, Here’s a Q&A…

Sitting here watching the USA – Honduras game and I figured I’d post my interview with an up and coming striker that plays for the US U-18 Men’s National Team. It’s posted over at my old digs – Olde City – which has taken a pure MLS Philadelphia tone. Enjoy. Review of the U-23 game to come…

CHI, Show Us Your Cards (Taken From The Offside)

I got this idea from Chris’s post at The Offside about funny, insane or just memorable stories about you, your mother, your best friend, or just anyone getting carded.

I threw in two stories about my exploits as a child/young adult/whipper snapper.  I personally love comedy and funny sports stories, so I encourage everyone to toss in their two cents and give some good stories about your soccer playing exploits.  I want to read them!

My first story was ‘legendary’ for me since it was an email sent to the now defunct Baker and Kelly show, which was subsequently read on air because ‘They were impressed by Americans’ and because I said I’m from ‘Niagara Falls, New York’ which is true.  If you go to Baker and Kelly and find the podcast entitled, Niagara, Whitesnake… you can hear it read outloud there.  (Note I did post this a while ago on here, but I don’t feel like going to search back for the post)

I don’t know how many emails you guys get from Americans regarding football, but I’m sure this may be the only one from a yankee regarding their legendary high school coach. He gave some great halftime and fulltime speeches, but all around he was just an insane coach. Figuered you might have a category for this one.

I started off playing football when I was in 1989 when I was six years old. As you well know football hasn’t been the most popular sport ever in America and just being able to stick with it until the present has been a struggle in itself, trying to find pitches, clubs, and the like.

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