MLS Daily Sweeper, 03.24: Resources, Riots, and Goal-Scoring Mysteries

Again…most go quickly…no photos, etc.

Climbing the Ladder – god bless ‘im – posted something wonderful: expected starting elevens for every team in Major League Soccer (MLS), broken down by conference (Eastern and Western).  I will be using those for my upcoming conference previews (Tuesday? Wednesday? just some time before Saturday)…unlike the, um, previews I’ve been saving for the past two weeks.  Also, go vote in his MLS survey.

MLS Rumors picked up reports of fan/security misbehavior during last week’s CONCACAF Champions Cup quaterfinal between Deportivo Saprissa and Atlante FC.  If you don’t trust MLS Rumors, there’s video in the post as well as a link to an article from Medio Tiempo…unfortunately, I don’t speak Spanish and don’t have time for (the ever-comical) Babelfish, so will just pass it on and let you make of it what you will.  Assuming it’s all accurate, it’d be interesting if Saprissa got slapped with a stadium ban for the semifinal v. Houston.  It will also be interesting if they don’t.  Suppose that makes this win/win, right?

– This one is just a little fun.  Who scored the winner in the Kansas City Wizards’ win over Real Salt Lake?  Was it Jimmy ConradScott Sealy?  Drum-roll, please…by a score of two sources to one, Conrad has it!  The more surprising thing is how anyone confused Sealy and Conrad…

– Finally, fans of the Chicago Fire and Toronto FC: click those links and enjoy your gloom.  Hmm.  Not there yet?  Well, try this, Toronto fans!  And this, Chicago fans!


2 Responses

  1. First, the violence should be dealt with at a local level. Since it has been an on-going problem, home game suspensions are appropriate.

    Second, from the highlights, I think I could qualify for at least a reserve player on these teams – What the heck was the goalie doing so far out of the goal on the deflected own-goal? Poor positioning, inadequate ball skills. Small wonder why the EPL attracts the most press – it is the best soccer/football. Fulham, near the bottom of the EPL would make swiss cheese of these two teams.

    Good post.

  2. Holy freakin’ crap! I say no way on God’s orange earth does Dynamo head down to Costa Rica for that match. (Interesting isn’t it that Costa Rica is frequently hailed as one of the most peaceful nations on Eartn. Apparently, all the troublemakers are at Saprissa’s stadium?) I will be at the game here on April 2, but I wonder where the second leg would be held.

    And Fire fans should not be too surprised, you get Blanco, you get drama. Now I’m not saying that Cuahtemoc had anything to do with this stuff, I just find it interesting that before he shows up, the place was somewhat mild, dysfunctional, but mild. And now, ka-BOOM!

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