Panicked by the Wait for Check Back Tomorrow(?)

(Having made the mistake of searching Google images using the word “shitting” and with safe search off, I can only recommend against doing so in the strongest possible terms. I’m happy to have found an image but, Holy Hell, I didn’t need to see 95% of that.)

Two weeks ago, I endured a god-awful aggravation while trying to find out when the good folks in Major League Soccer’s video/audio section would make available. It turned me off from calling till the desperation got the better of me…something that happened about a half hour ago. Fortunately, I spoke to a wonderful woman this time around, who helpfully left her desk not once, but twice, to chase down the answer.

Here’s the word: the relevant parties are building the page today and subscriptions for should be available for purchase tomorrow – as in Friday, March 28. Here’s to hoping the support desk got good information. And, if she didn’t, I won’t fault the woman I spoke to for it. She did her job; it’s time for everyone else to do theirs.

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  1. […] be honest, the motivation for this post has at least as much to do with advertising the wonderfully scatalogical post I composed on this below as the announcement itself. And to, once again, give props to the woman at […]

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