MLS Week 1 Power Rankings – HA! (+ do post your own rankings)

I’m torn between two images for this first edition of the Major League Soccer power rankings. This one captures what rankings, oh, #2-14 look like to me:

This one, on the other hand, gets to how making each of those selections felt:

So, yeah, confidence is low, people, so low in fact that I put fairly little stock in what appears below; I blame the whole Week 1/too little information thing.

Rankings and jabbering aimed at justifying them appear after the jump. And, as always, the previous week’s ranking appears in parentheses after the current week’s rankings. This will go into the collective rankings – look for those Thursday – along with several others I have already found. Anyone is welcome to submit power rankings of their own into the comments (or to email them to me; jeffbull71[at] and those will go into the collective mix as well.

Now….the rankings….accuracy, validity, hell, even intelligence, not guaranteed:
1. (4) New England Revolution
It wasn’t so much the win as the new blood blending so well with the old; I expect Nicol will crackdown on the Gambians’ exuberance in time for MLS Cup.

2. (5) Kansas City Wizards
The new guys look good here as well; plus, what else can you say when a team beats you ranked #1?

3. (1) DC United
Looks like they sacrificed Saturday for tonight’s CONCACAF Champs’ Cup semifinal (look under “The Good”); get a pass for playing JV squad.

4. (3) Chivas USA
A couple little birdies told me they really took the game to Dallas, but they dropped because the same birdies tied a fluke to their equalizer.

5. (2) Houston Dynamo
The Dynamo’s “rep” took the biggest hit in the Top 5; playing guys out of position and guys playing just out of it lays them a little low.

6. (8) Red Bull New York
Ah, the benefits of idleness…these guys only moved up because there’s something I don’t trust about everyone else’s results.

7. (6) FC Dallas
The draw took a defensive lapse (in Dallas? never!) from a rusty player. Losing the points hurts, but they held off a team nearly everyone likes…so they stick around near the top.

8. (11) Columbus Crew
Outlier (and biased) call, to be sure, but they did win. And I can’t very well rank them under the team below, not after what I wrote yesterday…

9. (10) Colorado Rapids
A win in KC this Saturday and these guys climb big. But I rated LA pretty low going into the season, so it’ll take more to impress me.

10. (9) Real Salt Lake
This feels wrong – not least because a couple places reported that RSL played pretty well – but they slip down on the strength of everyone else’s outings.

11. (7) Chicago Fire
Someone, somewhere speculated this won’t be the last time Blanco daggers the opposition. That may be true, but does Chicago want to rely on that?

12. (14) Toronto FC
I can honestly say they looked better losing this opener than they did all year.

13. (12) Los Angeles Galaxy
A couple stray snippets (like this one) make me think the Galaxy deserve the slightest benefit of the doubt. If they lose to the new boys on Thursday, however, I’m prepared to drop them to #-friggin’-16. Losing Ruiz can’t possibly help.

14. (13) San Jose Earthquakes
Just so ya know, I’m pulling for these guys on Thursday. Think I’ll miss it, as I have CONCACAF Champs’ Cup stuff to watch, but I want ’em to win.

5 Responses

  1. I love the site, but take issue with the rankings. Colorado way too low. Houston has holes. DC has to prove it to me.

    1. New England. Yes, I know TT and Ralston are out, but stomping the champs 3-0 means you deserve it. The Gambians look great and Albright helps.

    2. Chivas USA. Yes, I know, a draw. But really were all over Dallas, even w/out Saurez. For me, they are the favorites going forward. Not too deep, however.

    3. Kansas City. Spanking DC looked good, and with injuries (Myers, Arnaud) to boot. Lopez and Trujillo both score, and the D held up.

    4. Colorado. Yes, I know it was the Galaxy, but missing half the starting D (Ihmelu, Petke) still pitched a shutout. And with injuries in the midfield (Gomes) as well. Gomez, Clark, and Cooke look a formidable midfield. The KC game is the most interesting of the week.

    5. D.C. Untied. Yes, a loss, but I’ll write it off to the CCC. Many of the horses didn’t play or were injured. Still, depth may be an issue and Wells looks shaky. On the bright side, the Gonzo’s look good.

    6. Houston. Got pounded by NE’s speed. Could Barrett’s and Waibel and Mulrooney finally be past it? Onstad looked great. I foresee goalscoring problems.

    7. Columbus. Yes, it was Toronto, but they still won 2-0. If Moffat can actually play, its a bonus. With reinforcements (Padula) on the way.

    8. Chicago. The Conde saga and Brown’s injury hurt them, and Blanco has been brilliant. Still, I’m yet to be convinced about Bararett/Frankowski and Rolfe in the midfields, and about ready to give up on Martino, I mean Mapp.

    9. RSL. This team is better. Had the best of Chicago. Strange line-up with Beckerman wide. I’d imagine Deuchar will start soon.

    10. FC Dallas. Probably a bit harsh on them at this point. They did secure a point and do have some injuries. But really did get clobbered at home. Can anyone besides Toja score? Is that a 5-3-2 Morrow is playing. I know he says 3-5-2, but Rhine and Wagner as the wingers? Ugh.

    11. NY RB. They haven’t played yet. Angel and Altidore are up top. But Richards is out. I want to see how Parke, Mendes, and Goldy do in a 3-5-2. With Reyna in front of it?

    12. Toronto. Another team playing defenders as midfielders, this time in front of a four man backline. Why Dichio isn’t starting is beyond me.

    13. San Jose. Offense should be anemic. Defense solid. Yallop knows what he is doing.

    14. Los Angeles. And Alexi doesn’t. Worst showing of the week BY FAR.

    Well, that’s my two cents.

  2. Taking issue is healthy…shows signs of an active mind.

    Awesome…this is going straight into the collective!

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