Center Holds It: In The News??

As all of you may know (and if you don’t, you will now) in my real life, I’m a Ph.D Linguistics student at the University at Buffalo.

Well, someone from our student newspaper ‘The Spectrum’ got wind of what we are doing over here on CHI and did a story about the website and about me for today’s edition.

The piece was entitled ‘Soccer blogging, haven for hooligans’ (which I found to be a rather amusing title).  I first read it online and was pleasantly surprised about the article, but when I read it in print today upon arriving in my office at school, the picture in the actual paper is gigantic.  Seriously, its huge.

It was a good opportunity to get our name out, and something fun to do myself.  I never even imagined starting a small blog last year would have led to being sent free stuff, a bit of advertising, and an interview on Spanish Radio (and soon with MARCA about the Sevilla Peña that was founded in the United States).

So give it a read.  And I’ll be back with some La Liga stuff this afternoon.


5 Responses

  1. I love it. All good things!

    Maybe I should take a picture of the Media Credential I got with “Center Holds It” written under my name. In fact I think I will.

    We do our work though, that’s for sure. But the funny thing is, it ain’t work.

  2. “Haven for hooligans?” Reading this blog makes us hooligans without having to break anything? SWEET!!!

  3. That’s pretty awesome..

  4. OK, that’s one guy almost famous in Buffalo…now to expand our reach…I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille…

  5. Nice pitch. Whats the relevance of the ‘Hooligans.?’

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