La Liga: De La Red Back Home at Real Madrid

(First off, I’d like to give a big middle finger to Time Warner who, thanks to their love for their customers, has rendered me and most of my friends without the internet for the last 6 hours, allowing me to miss the Offside Podcast taping.  Now, It’s 2:45am and I’m sitting in my Office trying to finish up work.  Thanks Time Warner!)

Anyway, to get back to the news. Arturo Sisó, the most annoying man in football according to La Liga Loca, will now have a new name to announce at the Bernabeu come next season.

Now starting for Real Madrid, Number 10 in your programs, but Number 1 in your hearts…Ruben de La Red!!

That’s right, the former Madrid player who was shipped off to Getafe this season with an all so lovely ‘buyback’ clause attached to him, is back for a cool 4.5 million € Why?

Well, the defensive midfielder shined with Geta and was one of Laudrup’s most important pieces of the puzzle this season.

Based on this year’s preformance, as AS puts it, he passed the test (with flying colors I may add) and will become part of Madrid’s team effective June 1.

According to Madrid gaffer, Bernrd Schuster ”

Rubén ha demostrado en el Getafe que se puede confiar en él. Eso sí, debe saber que aquí no tiene la titularidad garantizada porque el Madrid exige siempre el máximo a los que defienden su escudo”.

At Getafe Ruben has shown that we can believe in him.  With that, he should know that here we don’t guarantee anyone playing time because Madrid always brings out the best in the players who defend it’s crest.

De La Red recently received his first callup into the Spanish National Side against Italy (he didn’t play but it was quite an honor for the youngster.

Look for De La Red to give a challenge against Guti or Diarra next season.


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