Li’l Nuggets from MLS, 04.08: Blessed by Bruce

Now, cynics might think this is me trying to revive the Daily Sweeper on the sly. No! It is so much more…and less. The concept is similar – e.g. it’s just me flagging crap I find – but, rather than direct you to entire posts and/or articles, I’m mainly interested at lifting quotes and specific concepts, notions, etc. from said posts and/or articles. The thinking is that you’re more likely to miss something like that than an entire article.

That said, I’ll still pass on entire pieces from time to time – like plugging The Offside Rules’ new Goal of the Weak feature – very clever – or flagging’s United Soccer Leagues-1 season primer/preview.

Anyway, here’s some good stuff that might have slipped through the cracks.

– I plan on doing a proper preview for the CONCACAF Champions Cup semifinal second legs tomorrow, but found a good omen in Soccer y Futbol’s preview post:

“I will contact the team once training is over to ask about the condition of the FieldTurf, which, if I’m not mistaken, last month survived a 50,000 crowd that saw Iron Maiden rock it out.”

To hell with the condition of the field. Here’s what each of the Dynamo’s starting XI need to do: find the exact spot inside the stadium where the roadies set up Bruce Dickinson’s mike; stand there and pray. Bruce will see that you win as your reward.

-Speaking of Houston, the guys at Nutmegged inform me that I might have found the “five black eyes” that eluded me while writing up the as-yet-unnamed feature I kicked off yesterday. By general consensus there and elsewhere, Dynamo ‘keeper Tony Caig had a howler (“appalling?” ouch!). Thanks for the tip, guys, I imagine it’ll take me a week or two to get used to scaring up the right material for that….it could also be Monday is too early for me.

– One last CONCACAF-Champs’-related item: Soccer Insider notices a kind of “unfunded mandate” in play during an increasingly crowded Major League Soccer season:

“MLS should be commended for lining up international tournaments for its clubs; now it needs to provide the means to succeed. Just my take. Your thoughts.”

Yes. I do agree.

It’s possible others out there believe I revived a knock-off version of the Daily Sweeper so that I can pass on the random crap I love so dearly…they are also wrong! Though I have to say, it’s a nice fringe benefit.

– I don’t watch this Battlestar Galactica, but I still like this set-up.

Boing Boing reminds us what a work-station looked like a couple decades back. Awesome.

– Hat-tip to on this, welcome to the most poop-inducing hiking trail on planet earth. Somewhere in Spain if memory serves.

– Finally, some days, a body gets on a site and keeps finding little points of interest. That happened on a site called Ploomy sometime last week. I came to it through and it looks like a site with the purpose of making goofy boys into young men – e.g. a cheap version of GQ. Anyway, I started with their “table-manner tips every guy should know.” I knew all those, but a couple other things caught the corner of my eye, so on I went to 10 first date conversation tips and 30 ways “to get your swagger back” – going into that first date, I suppose. Being a married man, these can’t help me – except maybe the table tips (didn’t know that drinking out of bowls wasn’t kosher)

2 Responses

  1. Rumour has it that Center Holds It might head over to Big Soccer.
    As someone who frequents the blogs and not the forums, I wanted to weigh in and say DON’T DO IT!
    I enjoy your blog too much to see it get watered down/taken over/over run at Big Soccer.
    Just my two cents.

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