La Liga: The First ‘Jueves de Feria’ Without Antonio Puerta

It would be criminal of me today to not mention Antonio Puerta, on this ‘Jueves de Feria’ (Feria Thursday).

2 years ago, Antonio Puerta single handedly started Sevilla on a run that would Spain 15 months and 5 separate titles (UEFA Cup 2006, 2007, Spanish Copa Del Rey 2007, Spanish Super Cup 2007 and European Super Cup 2006). His goal against Schalke didn’t only lift Sevilla to the finals against Middlesbrough, but it was also a spectacular goal, scored in the 100th minute of the game, in Sevilla’s 100th year of existence.

When this goal was scored, the city quite literally erupted into a frenzy, as you can see from the video. This goal will live as one of the greatest goals in Sevilla history.

Manolo Jimenez wrote a great remembrance today in MARCA about this topic. Remember that Jimenez was Puerta’s coach in Sevilla Atlético for a few years before his move up to the first team under Joaquin Caparros, and ultimately under the guidance of Juande Ramos.

His few lines says it all:

No resulta fácil encontrar las palabras adecuadas cuando se trata de recordar la figura del gran Antonio Puerta. Es un futbolista, una persona, por la que siento una especial predilección. Se cumple el primer Jueves de Feria sin él, se cumple el segundo aniversario del Jueves de Feria que cambió la historia del Sevilla y el destino de Puerta.

It’s not easy to find the right words when trying to remember the great Antonio Puerta. He’s a footballer, a person, for whom I felt a special predilection. It’s the first ‘Jueves de Feria’ without him, and it’s the second anniversary of the ‘Jueves de Feria’ that changed Sevilla’s history, and Puerta’s destiny’

The article goes on to talk about the goal against Schalke and how he was a ‘captain without a armband’. What a leader.

I’m waiting to get a quote from Del Nido on this. I’m really surprised he hasn’t come out with anything today.

Jesus Alvarado also wrote a story about Puerta on his blog, entitled ‘Saying ‘Jueves de Feria’ is like saying ‘Antonio Puerta’ and it honestly doesn’t do it any justice to translate it into English. I hope for those of you who speak Spanish can give it a read, it really is quality, especially the last paragraph.

Este Jueves, te lo juro, por la noche, donde sea, pediré de manzanilla, muy fresquita, una botella. Llenaré dos o tres copas de ambrosía sanluqueña, y me acordaré del regalo de tu zurda pinturera. Alzaré mi copa al Cielo, en tu nombre, Antonio Puerta, que es tu día, amigo mío, otra vez, Jueves de Feria.


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