La Liga: Jornada 32 Weekend In Review

For anyone that’s new to these parts, I don’t write weekend reviews, but rather link to reviews since I don’t find it to be a good use of my time. And since others do a great job, I just link to them!

La Liga Results-Jornada 32

Saturday 12 April 2008 (Spanish Time)
20:00 Valencia 1 – Racing 2 FT
22:00 Recreativo 2 – Barcelona 2 FT

Sunday 13 April
17:00 Valladolid 1 – At. Madrid 1 FT
17:00 Betis 0 – Levante 1 FT
17:00 Getafe 0 – Zaragoza 0 FT
17:00 Espanyol 0 – Osasuna 1 FT
17:00 Deportivo 3 – Athletic 0 FT
17:00 Mallorca 2 – Sevilla 3 FT
19:00 R. Madrid 1- Murcia 0 FT
21:00 Almería 1 – Villarreal 0 FT

Full Week Reviews

Lee over at La Liga Review is always the first place I turn to for my reviews.

La Liga Review

Striker at Spanish Football and Sports has a review as well.

Spanish Football and Sports

Game Reviews:

  • The Real Liga has a review of Madrid’s 1-0 win against Murcia.
  • Kevin at The Offside-Barcelona is speechless after the 2-2 draw with Recreativo


Now Real Madrid sit 9 points clear of 2nd place Villarreal, who lost to Unai Emery’s Almería side.

I predicted LONG LONG ago on The Offside Podcast that Real Madrid would win the league, only to go on a terrible run and bring on the phrase ‘Hay Liga’.

Now it looks like I’m good on my prediction as 9 points is a pretty insurmountable lead in La Liga right now. It’s not as if Real Madrid are playing that great, it’s just that Barcelona can’t get ANYTHING together as of late, and Villarreal were beat by Almería, who are tearing apart the top 2 teams this season.

Sevilla jumped to within 3 points of the last Champions League spot. Along with Atlético and Racing, the three teams will be duking it out until the last week for the coveted 4th place in La Liga, which brings the Champions League spot and a pretty penny.

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