Ha ha ha ha ha!!

Given I’m the MLS guy on this blog, you probably know what I’m laughing about.

Not to kick Red Bull fans while they’re suffering, but it’s the fact I half-saw this coming that makes me find Red Bull New York’s loss to lowly Toronto FC so funny (from yesterday’s collective rankings): “[Red Bull] didn’t suffer much for last weekend’s draw to RSL (much like they won’t suffer much tonight when they draw at TFC).”  It wasn’t the specific result I felt coming, but that Red Bull would somehow screw up that which seemingly could not be screwed.

And, lordy, how did they screw it!  Chris Leitch’s wonderful finish into his own goal approached Platonic idealism for the essential concept of “mistake.”

It seems important to mention I didn’t see so much as a second of this game till I caught the highlights minutes ago.  It’s possible, even, that Red Bull played Toronto off the park, but the final score tells the relevant story in the end, especially as we approach the playoffs.  For all the love for Angel and Altidore, for Dane Richards’ speed wunnerful, wunnerful speed, for all the shining promise of Red Bull’s incredible start, the hard reality is observers don’t believe in this team – and for good reason.

That’s it from me.  I welcome more informed views on the game down below.