La Liga: ”If the players are sick, they should go to the shrink!”

Javier Clemente, new coach at Real Murcia after the sacking of Lucas Alcaraz, did anything buy shine in his debut on Sunday, falling 3-0 to Getafe. However, this former almost appointed manager of Iran had this to say after the loss.

“está enfermo, pero mientras hay vida hay esperanza”, que cree en eso “lo mismo que en Dios” y que “si los jugadores están mal, que vayan al psiquiatra”.

[the club] is sick, but while there’s still live, there’s still hope. [The club] believes in this “the say way they believe in God” and “if the players are sick, they should go to the psychiatrist.”

So apparently Clemente thinks all of his problems with the club might be solved by a little trip to the shrink. Or maybe Clemente realizes they are currently sitting in 19th place on 23 points, six behind 18th place Recreativo and a chance to stay in the top flight this year.

Clemente does know what he’s doing for those of you who think he may be a bit mad. This is the man that managed the 1983 and 1984 Athletic Bilbao team who won back to back La Liga titles and a Copa del Rey crown as well.

He’s also the manager involved in what Four Four Two called one of the top 50 best fights in soccer history, when Andoni Goikoetxea annihilated Diego Maradona from behind, solidfying the feeling of his ‘hardcore’ Athletic team at that time.  The following meeting between the two clubs, and after 106 days on the sidelines with a shattered ankle, Diego Maradona extracted his revenge with a bicycle kick to the face of Bilbao’s keeper.

Maybe Maradona should have went to the shrink.