Revs Top KC: Pretty as Building a Suburb

Keeping score during the Beckham Challenge (intro/results)kind of turned me on the idea of taking notes during the games I watch. I tried it again during New England’s narrow (and dull) win over the Kansas City Wizards – one of several games that tweaked the meaning of the week’s power rankings. I’ll reproduce those below (and amend them; look for the parentheses), afer this brief interruption.

I finally figured out why, which has no real business working, um, works pretty well. Sure, there’s that teeny-tiny little screen, but what appears in that space approximates the visual scale of what one sees live – e.g. the players’ apparent size roughly matches their scale from fairly decent seats at a live game. In other words, so long as the feed works – i.e. absent any hiccups – it’s a decent, if circumscribed view of the action. So…way to go there.

Now, to the game…the discussion of which begins with what came to me around the 88th minute.

I like KC, but think they’re missing something. They seem kind of soft and small – so I guess it’s “steel” or balls they’re missing. Against that, New England has to be hard to play; so physical and big. KC plays this pretty version of the game (looking for quick combinations, playing up the middle, generally “keeping it positive,” etc.) as if they didn’t share the league with assholes like the Revs. They are, of course, and that’s why they lost – and not just last night. What happened out there shows the distinction between losing a game and getting beat. New England just kind of muscles around the field, knocking people down, going in for every 50/50. It’s not dirty (at least not always), but it’s hard as hell. So, narrow as the loss is, you know the players have aggravating knocks and bruises, all of them reminders of the loss.

In a related note, this gets at why I struggle to be a New England fan (and still I am; I cheered for the goal…pity my soul). Assholes are great when they’re losers – lovable, scrappy underdogs and all that. But they really suck when they’re on the cusp of being winners. It means asshole-ism wins.

Moving on, now, to the actual as-they-happened game notes: Continue reading

(My) MLS News Wire: Tu y Yo, Eloy, Eloy, Eloy

– The Kansas City Star reports that the Kansas City Wizards added to Major League Soccer’s (MLS) Argie contingent with the signing of Eloy Colombano.  WVHooligan has some thoughts.  My thoughts: I’m more worried about these guys’ defense; I mean, they’ve got Yura Movsisyan.  And what does this/could this mean for Carlos Marinelli?

– The Screaming Eagles Podcast breaks down the MLS standings in yet another way: by points-per-game.  Seems like a good measure to me, at least for clocking streaks.  FYI, sez there that Toronto FC ain’t gonna make it.

– The author of the FC Dallas Offside concludes his debate on the designated player rule with the argument “fer”; “agin,” in case you missed it, came out last week…and I think his heart was more in that one.