La Selección: Spain 1-France 0 Another Lacking Performance

La Furia Roja (literally ‘The Red Fury’) have never looked so not-furious as they currently do under the god-awful leadership of one, Luis Aragonés.

This game I really thought things were going to be different. On The Offside Podcast this week Ian asked me what I thought going into the game. I was for certain that the young Bojan Krkic was going to get his cap for Spain, cementing him as a full-fledged member of La Furia. I was certain that Spain would put out a team that would be somewhat experimental, but still have some attacking flair. I was certain that Spain would comfortably win against France in the lovely southern town of Málaga.

But I was wrong, yet again.

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Is Iker Casillas the Best Keeper In The World?

There are two hot topics for debate right now in Spain.  The first, The Marcha Real (Spanish National Anthem) now has lyrics.  Some politicians say they ‘stink’.  Others like the new words.  The choice is yours.

The second and more important item for discussion is simply this:

Is Iker Casillas the best keeper in the world???

Normally these types of ‘Who’s Best?’ questions and lists turn me off for the simple fact that you can constantly argue that one player is better than another for a majority of reasons such as what league the player is in, what time frame, what position, etc.

However, I’ve watched the last couple Real Madrid matches (Thank you TVU Player and GOLTV) and I must say that Iker Casillas is simply spectacular in goal.

(I apologize for the horrendous Techno/Euro-pop music, really I do)

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