My Interview with Jesus Alvarado

A few people have asked me about my interview on Sevilla FC radio. I uploaded it and put it into a video, since that is really the only way to do it.

The interview took place last Friday with Jesus Alvarado, one of the most respected Sevilla FC followers and bloggers out there. He runs his own blog at Jesus Alvarado and also is the president of the Sevilla Supporters Club ‘Hasta La Muerte

The interview was about 30 minutes long, complete with me getting cut off twice due to the snow. The interview is in Spanish, but give it a listen. It really was an honor to interview with Jesus on his show and hopefully I’ll be invited back again.

Interview with Jesus Alvarado on Sevilla FC Radio Tomorrow

As I mentioned in a previous post I recieved an invitation from Jesus Alvaredo, who is a god amongst Sevilla fans, to be interviewed on his radio show ‘Sevillistas por el mundo’ on Sevilla FC radio.

I’m going to talk about why I became a Sevilla fan and why I write both on here and on The Sevilla Offside. The show will be on Sevilla FC radio (link to the website here. In order to listen, click on the bottom where it says ‘Haz Click Para Escucharnos’).

The show starts at 1:00pm EST (7:00pm Spain time) and Jesus and I will be talking for about 30 minutes. I’ll be sure to give a shout out to the CHI crew.