Red Bulls: Expanding Coverage, Brunner, Oscar, and a call for depth.

Along with Jeff’s extensive coverage of Columbus and Colorado and the MLS in general, I decided to pick my “local” team (until Philly gets arrives in 2010) to cover. Center Holds It was just issued their first press credential (solely based on the merit of this blog)…yep, for a blog, which means I will be getting my ass to and from Giants Stadium to join Ives, Nat, and many others in bringing New York Red Bulls info to everyone. Hopefully, we have some Red Bulls fans on here.

Expect quotes, live blogs, developments, etc.

Couple – by now – well known tidbits from today’s news:

– Check out Metrofanatic’s coverage of RBNY’s Media Day. I especially enjoy the Jozy Altidore interview, where they try several different ways of getting Jozy to announce that he is in fact leaving for Europe before the end of the year.

– The Bulls are expecting at least 2-3 more foreign signatures in the next month or so. One as early as next week. That target is apparently someone who is “playing” in Europe. They have completed the signing of 31-year old Colombian striker Oscar Echeverry who last played with Atletico Nacional from 2004-2007.

– Jeff’s Eastern Conference Preview tags JCO and New York as “fillers”, ESPN Soccer has them making the playoffs, 4th in the East, 7th overall. WV Hooligan says about the same, citing depth as their biggest weakness. You ask my opinion – and I don’t have it up yet – but watching these guys play all year, and the turnover is minimal, I see us 2nd in the East again, 4th overall. Projected lineups and season previews of all teams are going up here. You think my pick is bold? Check out this guys.

–  The New York Post has now jumped in the Red Bulls/MLS media circle with “Extra Time”. Brian Lewis is doing the reporting. Informative and to the point, it’s more soccer coverage. Looks like the press box is a going to be a bit more crowded this season.

Buzz Carrick over at the FC Dallas’ 3rd Degree predicts that central defender and RBNY’s first round 2008 Superdraft pick Eric Brunner will be rookie of the year.

10. The Rookie of the Year will be Eric Brunner of the Red Bulls.  It’s going to be a three horse race between Brunner, Anthony Beltran in Salt Lake, and Chance Myers in KC.  I’m giving Brunner the nod as he’s a natural fit for the LCB spot in the 3 man NY back line.  He’ll also score a couple nice goals on headers.

Can’t say I agree, but he did say for many he was goin’ out “on a limb”. What other rookies should be added to that list? Brek Shea of FC Dallas? Shea Salinas in San Jose? Julius James in Toronto? It looks like Chance Myers will be the only one certain of a starting spot heading into the start of the 2008 season.


MLS News Wire, 08.13: St. Louis; Brazil; Chivas Rebuilds

Today was one of those days where I felt confined by the three-subject rule I adopted for this feature; that meant I couldn’t plug something entirely wonderful like the David Beckham drinking game proposed by Dan Loney. Shit…did I just type that?

– According to a saucy post – and I mean saucy in the sense that they’re ahead of couple other sites – MLS Rumors reports today that St. Louis, Missouri will be Major League Soccer’s (MLS) 15th franchise…even though they’ll build their stadium in Illinois…which technically makes them something like Illinois’ second franchise as opposed to Missouri’s first. In related news, the various groups trying to bring a team to Seattle, Washington continue fiddling around in their pants…

– A lot of places are noting that the U.S. “friendly” in Mexico’s Azteca Stadium fell through, which prompted the U.S. to schedule a game against Brazil; WVHooligan happens to be the first place I read of this, so I figured I’d link to him. That post closes by asking for opinions, so here’s mine: I’d rather play Mexico in the Azteca, mainly because there is no such thing as a “friendly” between the U.S. and Mexico. I’m thinking we’ll learn more from a good game against a good, motivated opponent in a tricky venue than we will against yet another home game against a great team phoning it in.

– A couple places clock Chivas USA’s plans to make a good team gooder – specifically, through the addition of d-mid Raphael Wicky and forward Oscar Echeverry (NOTE: That second one is a rumor, but it sounds like the deal for Wicky will go through). It’s been a good year in general for signings, but here’s to hoping these moves, assuming they come to fruition, add to the league overall.