La Liga: ‘Botellazo 2: The Return!’

Last season’s Betis v Sevilla game in the Copa del Rey was marred with a ‘botellazo’ (basically meaning a huge hit with a bottle) to the face of Juande Ramos. Ramos was knocked unconscious and spent the night in the hospital and the game was suspended.

Even my girlfriend, who actually knows more about Spanish Football then I ever dreamed possible, remembers the Juande Ramos incident from last year, saying ’30 rows up? Man that guy has great aim.’ I agree love, that’s the first thing that came to my mind.

In case you didn’t see it, look here.

Basically a manhunt ensued for the culprit who through the bottle and he was later caught and expelled for life from the Betis stadium. I remember seeing the grainy pictures for about 2 weeks every morning when I went to work out in the gym as they searched far and wide.

Well, tonight’s Betis v Athletic Bilbao game could be called ‘Botellazo 2: The Return’. During the game which was 2-1 in favor of the Basques, Athletic keeper Armando Riviero went behind the net to retrieve the ball for a goal kick. While walking back, a fan walked down to the edge of the stand and tossed what looked like a plastic bottle filled with water at the keeper. The bottle struck Armando in the right eye and he immediately fell to the ground wincing in pain. He was stretchered off and received several stitches in his eye.

Betis immediately made a statement on their Web Page following the game condemming the acts that took place. They identify the tosser (take it with both connotations) as C.P.R (which I find to be somewhat ironic) and say that he wasn’t a socio but he was just there for the game. They also thanked the fans who turned him in so quickly.

I agree that yes, some fans are stupid and ‘it can happen anywhere.’ But this is twice in as many years that it’s happened at the Estadio Manuel Ruiz de Lopera.

I hear that the Rifle and Archery associations of Spain are looking to sign up some Betis fans for the Olympics this summer. Seriously, these fans are the most accurate bunch of football fans I have ever seen. Let these guys win a medal for god sakes. If bottle throwing was a sports, these guys would be the fucking world champs 10 times over.

Here is the translation on for those of you who don’t ‘hablo español’ (cue Chris Farley voice).

The High-5 for Wednesday October 3rd

What to read when you are really pondering if John Terry was on Star Wars…

1.) Silvio Berlusconi was interviewed by Marca on Tuesday. Why? To put to rest the rumors that Kaka was going to sign or was close to signing for Madrid. He basically said Kaka is AC Milan and that he wouldn’t ever be leaving. The best quote of the piece was when Berlusconi went on to recommend that former Prime Minister of Spain, José Maria Aznar should become president of Real Madrid if Calderón ever steps down.

“Aznar has shown great personality, charisma and political sense. If he decided to run for Real Madrid president, he’d be sure to win. And he’d do just as well as when he governed Spain.”

Let me assure you I’m not going to take advice from Berlusconi, ever.

2.) Barcelona defender Rafael Márquez will be out for 1 month after an injury suffered in the Champions League tie with Stuttgart yesterday. Puyol may be questionable for the game this weekend against Atlético.

3.) The La Liga Loca famous quotes of the week are out. And the first one is a doozy.

4.) Real Madrid is going to open up a training ground on the island of Bali by 2008, and then another in Jakarta in 2009. Real Murcia have opened up a new one at the cervecería down the street.

5.) Betis is coming the Argentinian and Brazilian markets for great players, according to Manuel Ruiz de Lopera. But Betis will have to be weary of the 3 non EU player rule in La Liga when looking for players.