Hello Big Soccer (Resistance Is Futile*)

You may have noticed me griping about lack of time lately; my colleagues, Breton and Ryan, managed to hold their silence…and, it should be noted, their dignity.

A big part of that can be attributed to our decision to change Center Holds It’s (CHI) base of operations. Early last week, we received an invitation to have CHI embedded into BigSoccer, where it will become one of that space’s featured blogs (I think). *This immediately got me thinking about Star Trek, the Borg, and, I dunno, assimilation. Or, perhaps, that comes naturally to the three of us, what with all the Cons we have attended together down the years…the guy at right, that’s me…honest. Oh, the stories I could tell…

Naturally, we want all of our current readers to come along because, without you, we’d lose interest in this much, much faster. If there’s anything we can do to make visiting easier, please drop a line to any of us and we’ll lend a hand. So far as I know, BigSoccer doesn’t appear to work with Bloglines, but that could be down to my vast technical incompetence; if anyone knows how to make it work and pull CHI out of the jumble, do pass on word. Though, of course, you’d want to bookmark the rest of BigSoccer’s blogs as well. Failing that, there’s always bookmarking – y’know, kicking it Old School – and who doesn’t like doing that?

The new link to the site is being built this week. However, for now you can go to each of our separate blogs on big soccer and see our posts there.


Once CHI has moved officially, we will give you the link and you don’t have to visit our sites individually. (And we encourage you guys to visit the MAIN site instead of our own separate ones when the time comes)

Please do come early, come often, and, of course, come as you are; rules about shirt, shoes, and service are governed by your particular location, not CHI. And a big sincere thanks to everyone who has ever visited us in this space. I know I grew as fond of it as I have any space I’ve typed into and think the other two guys feel the same.

I’ll keep posting here for the rest of the week, linking to the cross-posts I do on BigSoccer at the top of every post. Hopefully, that’ll help with the transition. Again, thanks. It’s been fine conversing with all y’all.

4 Responses

  1. Yes, it WILL become one of the embedded blogs and the only one that has an all-star cast like us three.

    Really guys, we are just moving. We aren’t ‘jumping the shark’. We get to do more posting and less having to worry about other things.

    No one is going to change, Jeff isn’t going to start wearing spiffy suits, Breton won’t stop interviewing people and I won’t stop..well…doing whatever it is I would do if I could be cool.

  2. very cool to hear the move guys. congrats and good luck with the new digs!

  3. And I’m clearly the borg on the left, well since I am 6´3 and all.

  4. Are you guys getting anything out of the deal besides publicity?

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